When K-Pop and K-Dramas Collide

When K-Pop and K-Dramas Collide

K-pop currently has an incredible following, and so do K-dramas! When the two come into collaboration, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re in for a long binge marathon. As many people know, K-pop idols are extremely multi-talented. Not only can they sing, dance and rap, but some can also act! 

Check out this a shortlist of recent K-dramas featuring your favorite K-pop idols to send you on your binging journey.

  • My First First Love

My First First Love features Jinyoung from B1A4 who plays Dohyeon and Chaeyoung from DIA/IOI who plays Songyi. If you’re looking for a light-hearted, rom-com type drama, look no further!

My First First Love is the epitome of romantic drama with sprinkles of humor. The show follows two best friends who have grown up with each other and features their university lives as well as their first relationships. This truly is a heartwarming drama about falling in love for the first time and exploring life as a young adult. My First First Love also features Jisoo, who is similarly very popular and is most known for his role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (which is an amazing drama that you should 100% watch if you haven’t yet).

My First First Love is a Netflix drama that was released in April 2019 with eight fifty-minute episodes in season one. The second season will be released July 26, 2019.

  • He Is Psychometric

He Is Psychometric’s lead role is Lee Ahn, played by Jinyoung from GOT7. While Jinyoung has had quite a few acting gigs previously, this his first lead role in a television series. He Is Psychometric is a refreshing drama, in the mystery and romantic comedy genre, which doesn’t follow your typical K-drama storyline.

The main character, Lee Ahn, has psychometric powers which allows him to see the past of the people and objects he comes into physical contact with. Through this, he teams up Jaein to solve cases, but Jaein has secrets of her own.

This drama was aired fromMarch 11 to April 30, 2019 with sixteen episodes.

  • The Way I Hate You

The Way I Hate You features Jaemin from NCT Dream and he plays Daegang, who is a lead in the drama. This web-drama follows the friendships and love life of Miri who is in her first year of university. The Way I Hate You is based on a popular webtoon with the same name, and this short drama is sure to capture your heart, too!

Jaemin’s character is a college freshman studying animation, with tsundere charms. It follows quite a cliche storyline, but who doesn’t love a cliche rom-com every now and then?

The Way I Hate You aired April 1-2, 2019.

With this small list of very bingeable 2019 K-dramas featuring K-pop idols, you’ll be occupied for three nights at least!

Which K-drama featuring K-pop idols is your favorite?

Cover Image: My First First Love (Netflix)
Written by Stephanie Leung

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