What's in Your Closet?: K-Pop and K-Drama Influenced Fashion

What's in Your Closet?: K-Pop and K-Drama Influenced Fashion

Korea is becoming more widely known because of Korean pop music, but that’s not the only thing they have to offer. Not only is there an amazing music industry growing, but also amazing fashion sense! Styles are becoming more noticed as the popularity of K-pop and Korean dramas grows, and the speed at which the fashion is shared is insanely fast, thanks to Instagram accounts dedicated to finding where Korean celebrities got their outfits from.

One very obvious example of Korean idols influencing fashion can be shown through dance cover videos. Many dance groups will often coordinate their outfits to match what idols wear in their music videos or during stage performances.

But fans will also find similar outfits to what idols wore, just for fun.

With K-dramas, it's a little harder to match a specific character and have it be recognized by a lot of people, but the fans find a way, picking out recognizable items of clothing that can be seen as a bit more casual.

With how fast Korean culture is spreading, it is no surprise K-fashion is becoming more widely known, and social media is a huge help! We are able to reach a larger audience because of it, spreading information in seconds.

What Korean celebrities are inspiring your current looks?

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