TWICE Returns with Glitz and Glam to Make Us All 'Feel Special'

TWICE Returns with Glitz and Glam to Make Us All 'Feel Special'

After continuously dropping hints of the new comeback in the beginning of September, TWICE has finally graced their fans with a new mini-album full of fun, soft glam, and lots of love for their dedicated fanbase (ONCE) and each other. 

Their eighth mini album, Feel Special is comprised of seven unique songs that were both written by individual members and JYP himself. The title track is one JYP wrote and composed after sincerely talking to the girls about the hardships they have endured throughout the years since debut, and it was revealed that the song is about "overwhelming moments of joy given by loved ones". 

The music video for “Feel Special” is filled with moments of loneliness, hope, relief and confidence instilled by the other members, forming a sense that the girls are stronger together as they meet one another at the end. Whenever they feel down, they can help each other through the rainy days and enjoy the sun together.

The opening sequence of the “Feel Special” music video shows a gorgeous chandelier in front of golden arches. As the camera pans down, each member is in unique white ensembles, dressed to show individuality but also as one--similar to their later pink and gold ensembles that complement each other. In fact, there are a multitude of outfit changes throughout the MV, with each member having a set that suits their personality. 

In one scene, Chaeyoung and Mina’s individual appearances come together in what could be interpreted as Yin and Yang. In the next, Momo can be seen in a museum setting for doll houses. She then walks over and peers inside a case to reveal Tzuyu standing up and walking over to the glass. One might interpret this as being a representation of Tzuyu’s doll-like beauty. Jihyo is in a room full of televisions before Nayeon pops up on screen, and Sana sits on some steps in the rain when Dahyun walks over with an umbrella, and they smile at each other. Jeongyeon has her own individual scenes. The new choreography mixes shadows and light to keep the sparkling, golden, goddess-like special feel of the whole album.

When listening to Feel Special, prepare for B-side tracks that are sure to take you on an emotional rollercoaster. “Rainbow,” written by TWICE’s Nayeon, conveys the message of finding one’s self worth. Momo’s sensual “Love Foolish” shows feelings of a complex, confusing love. Jihyo and JQ contributed to “Get Loud,” and for “Trick it,” Dahyun participated in writing lyrics for the very first time. “Breakthrough,” which was originally released in Japan alongside “Happy Happy” on June 12, 2019, is re-released on Feel Special. The original writer is Yu Shimoji of Japan, and Olivia Choi translated it to Korean for the group. Melodic and calm, “21:29” is special (get it?) because all nine members collaborated and wrote it themselves.

If this is not your first comeback, you know how exciting the process is; but if you are a new fan then buckle up, because TWICE has lots of fun goodies to offer! Feel Special has three versions, A (white), B (blue), and C (brown). All three feature gold lettering on the cover and include: 1 of 9 versions of the CD (randomly selected), 1 photobook, 1 of 9 lyrics paper (randomly selected), 5 of 90 photocards, and 1 of 9 gold photocards. There’s already so much, but wait⁠—there’s more! Fans who pre-ordered will get extra perks, like a poster and a photocard set.

Since the catchy tunes of their last EP, Fancy You, TWICE has become the highest-selling girl group in South Korean history, selling over 3.75 million copies as of April 2019. Can’t wait to see TWICE do their magic? Check out the “Feel Special” music video, which has already hit over 8,000,000 views on YouTube, and is still climbing! 

Cover Image: Twice (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Brianna Giles & Ruta Balzekaite

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