The Seoul Illustration Fair: What Is It?

The Seoul Illustration Fair: What Is It?

If you can’t get enough of art, and all the really cool pieces of work you see dotted on Instagram inspires you and amazes you, then this fair is made for you! A range of artists are able to showcase their art, including calligraphy, graphic design, and typography at the Seoul Illustration Fair.

Not only do the artists exhibit their works, but visitors also have the option to purchase any of the fine pieces they see, meaning they can take some of the fantastic art home with them. 

The event took place July 25-July 28 at the COEX Convention Centre in Gangnam, with hundreds of artists attending, all of whom you can get a peek of on the official website to check out some of their work. 

With all the different booths that are there and all the different styles of illustration that are displayed, it's not only a great place to visit if you love looking at artwork, but also for aspiring artists. Not only will you be able to admire the plethora of art, but also have the opportunity to ask the artists for any tips, techniques or advice on how to find an art style, or how to improve your art. One thing’s for sure, being here will certainly open your mind to all the different forms of illustrative art that exists.

Whether you’re a huge fan of art or not, if you’re looking for a fun and interesting day out, then this fair will fulfill those needs! So, maybe you didn't get the chance this year, but if you’re interested, why not check it out next year? 

Written by Nicole Simpkin

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