The Namsan Love Locks ❤

The Namsan Love Locks ❤

White Day is approaching, and if you are in Seoul, here is a perfect way to spend this holiday with your significant other! The Namsan Tower is one of the iconic symbols of Seoul. This place has become a popular date spot for couples, which is why it is perfect for White Day. Like the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris, couples, families, friends buy and seal a lock onto a railing or designated area of the Tower in hopes of an everlasting love.

It is a cliche, yet it's romantic. But this isn’t the only thing you can do here! You can take pictures, chat, and enjoy the beautiful view of Seoul.

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Don’t have a romantic partner? That’s okay! The Namsan Tower can be visited with friends and family. You can walk around the beautiful area and check out the scenery. Just spending a few hours up near the tower is a great plan!

Fun Fact for NCT fans: When the group was filming NCT in Seoul, this was one of the important landmarks they went to! If you want, why don’t you try to find their lock? (Disclaimer: This seems actually impossible.)


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