The Name’s Kwon, Munsoo Kwon. And His Weapon? MSKN2ND.

The Name’s Kwon, Munsoo Kwon. And His Weapon? MSKN2ND.

There are many things Koreans are passionate about: Food, skin care, art, and without a doubt, fashion. It seems that no matter what they wear, they always look good; and they continue to look for unique styles and fashionable trends. Designer Kwon Munsoo is no exception to this passion for fashion. But... who is Kwon Munsoo?

Munsoo, for those of you not familiar, can be seen with YG’s very own fashion-forward Kwon Twins or other famous celebrities of Korea. Born in Seoul, Munsoo grew up with an interest in fashion and all that comes with the art of making, wearing, and designing clothing.  He graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco after moving to the city in 2003, and later started his own clothing line: MSKN2ND.

Munsoo’s clothing line has become so successful in the fashion industry that he has been mentioned in more than just one Korean publication, including Esquire and Elle. His debut as a fashion designer was in 2012 at the fall/winter New York Fashion Week. He was even invited by Giorgio Armani to showcase his clothing in Milan.

His clothing is worn by celebrities everywhere, from behind the screens of music videos to everyday street wear. Munsoo has begun to create his empire in the fashion industry, and has made several famous friends along the way like the late Creative Director of CHANEL, Karl Lagerfeld, and many of our favorite Korean celebrities. 

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He has worked hard to create clothing for those who, just like him, enjoy fashion and comfortable streetwear. His designs are said to be unique and less traditional, yet still have intricate details, allowing everyone to know the master behind the clothing.

Here are just a few people who have worn Munsoo’s apparel:

The clothing created by this Academy of Art University alum is fairly simple while maintaining it’s stylish looks that seem to catch the attention of artists like Changmin of TVXQ as he wears this black and white cardigan.

His designs have become clothing that many of us have seen, but perhaps have not realized belonged to his line. One of those clothing artifacts can be seen on SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu as he poses next to Vernon wearing one of MSKN2ND's trench coats.

Taehyun of South Club can be seen with a full outfit designed by the fashion artist as he poses for CeCi China.

His clothing can even be seen in dramas worn by some of our favourite actors and actresses.

Monsta X’s Shonwu was photographed wearing a blue and white MSKN2ND cardigan.

Cha Hakyeon, better known as N of VIXX can be seen wearing a long and loose fitting plaid coat that was modeled at one of the many fashion shows featuring Munsoo's clothing.

Of course, celebrities aren’t the only ones who enjoy wearing his clothes. In fact, Munsoo can oftentimes be seen enjoying the comfort of his own design.

The stylish streetwear can be found in stores throughout Korea, including Pier59 Studios and the Munsoo Kwon Showroom located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Can’t make it to Korea? There is no need to worry because Munsoo Kwon created a website for his clothing! If you don’t speak or read Korean or don’t know the currency change, WCONCEPT can help. With these two websites, you can order some new clothing from this trendy clothing line and rock outfits that your favorite celebrities have worn!

Written by Evelyn Lopez

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