The Comeback of B.E.G.: Your Original Girl Crush Unnies

The Comeback of B.E.G.: Your Original Girl Crush Unnies

One of the many groups that recovered from the long hiatus and made a comeback was Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G.). They returned with a remake album called RE_vive with the lead songs “Wonder Woman” and “Abandoned.”

Brown Eyed Girls debuted in 2006 with members Narsha, JeA, Miryo, and Gain. Formerly under the Nega Network, they gained fame and recognition for songs such as “Sixth Sense,” “Sign,” “LOVE,” and “Abracadabra.” Moreover, they also gained much attention and love from the viewers as they showcased their cool, straightforward personality on variety shows. Currently, they are managed by Mystic Story, which houses artists such as Yoon Jong-Shin, Minseo, PERC%NT, and more talented individuals. 

During the four year hiatus, each member has been focused on their individual activities. With Narsha getting married in 2016, Gain actively promoting her own songs, JeA appearing on variety shows, and Miryo focusing on her own individual schedule, their presence in the K-pop industry as Brown Eyed Girls had somewhat diminished. Nevertheless, with the long-awaited comeback, they have proved that their roots in K-pop entertainment remain unshaken.

On October 28, 2019, Brown Eyed Girls came back with RE_vive, an album consisting of covers. One of their lead tracks is “Wonder Woman,” which is from an artist named Jo Weon-Sun. The song is rhythmical and gives off a musical vibe. While the original song had a piano break along with bossa nova in the middle, Brown Eyed Girls turned it 180 degrees into a punky, '80s-pop song. Their music video features drag queens in wedding dresses while each member is dressed in suits, breaking down stereotype barriers and resonating modernity.

Check out their “Wonder Woman” music video below!

Whereas their RE_vive album embodied their trademark sexy and charismatic vibes, their latest single “Snowman,” released on January 2, 2020, showcases their vocals and gives off a sense of wintery, holiday vibes. 

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA helped compose “Snowman,” in which one talks about the significant “melting" of love in one’s relationship as time goes by. The Korean title for this song is “2019년 겨울 첫눈으로 만든 그댈 2020년 눈으로 다시 만들 순 없겠지만,” which translates to “Having created you from the first snow of 2019, [I] can’t re-make you with the snow from 2020.”

Check out their live performance of "Snowman" below!

Despite their hiatus, their comeback once again proved their status as one of the K-pop legend groups. With the average age of the group being 37.5 years old, they show that age doesn't matter when it comes to being passionate for what you love to do! While each member shines as individuals, as a whole, their presence glows and they continue to live up to their title as one of the legendary K-pop girl groups!

Cover Image: Brown Eyed Girls (Mystic Story)
Written by Jessica Lee

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