Tasty K-Pop Videos 😋

Tasty K-Pop Videos 😋

There are so many creative people in the world making unique and interesting content for everyone to enjoy. From singers to art directors, costume designers and many others responsible for bringing the best result, filming a music video is a lot of work. As tiring and difficult this process may be, there are times when the concept brings a fun twist to the picture; in this case, food, especially in some Korean music videos. Sometimes used in a quirky setting to showcase the love for a certain food, make it funny or maybe even make a statement, and sometimes placed as a prop for the artists to use, the food concept brings out the most delicious music videos out there.

Pungdeng-E – "Baechu Bossam"

The members, Red, Yellow and Blue, mostly use their own local dialects in the songs; "Baechu Bossam" being no exception. The title of the song is about the group’s favorite dish, bossam—pork belly, and baechu as a napa cabbage to wrap the meat in. In the video that looks like an action movie, you can see the girls trying to fight for the precious cabbages, treating them as if they were currency. The bubbly song and exciting pace of the music video can make anyone curious—what is so special about those cabbages? If the video doesn't convince you of baechu bossam goodness, you would have to try it yourself to find out.

IU – "Jam Jam"

Although it is just a teaser, the video has a very colorful and aesthetic approach. Starting off almost as a cooking by a recipe video, it later turns into a dreamlike experience. Once IU completes making the strawberry jam, the vibrant colors surge through, covering the screen and IU dancing by herself. Suddenly, there’s is a big floating strawberry jam sandwich following her, then a sound of a jar lid closing, cutting to IU’s face at the end. The addicting and sweet melody leaves the fans craving to hear more, wishing the video could be at least a little bit longer.

Super Junior-H – "Cooking? Cooking!"

Cooking? Cooking! is the first mini album of Super Junior’s sub-unit Super Junior-H, containing a single with the same title. The cheerful music video shows a variety of meals that the “girlfriend” cooked for the boys, the first shot starting with a plate of mandu for a lonely man in a dark room, then steadily showing more and more home-cooked meals: spaghetti, steak, a table full of different dishes. In the beginning, the lyrics reveal that the girl can’t cook at all, not even rice or ramen, mixing up cola with soy sauce. The boys then sing about how her cooking changes to being incredibly delicious, reflecting the tone in the music video.

Orange Caramel – "Catallena"

It would be a crime not to mention this iconic music video. Whilst fun and colorful in visuals, the seafood themed video has a deeper meaning. Showing the girls in mermaid outfits being sold in sealed packages for a reduced price, or as sushi rolls that the customers keep consuming, the video hints at a common consumerist side of the K-pop music industry.

The stage outfits are almost always food related, and during one of their stage performances the girls were dancing with drinks in clear plastic cups attached to their heads. No matter how the girls looked, the audience always received a truly charismatic performance.

Gugudan – "Chococo"

For desert the girl group Gugudan offers a trip to a pastel chocolate factory, where the girls are hard at work making huge chocolate bars, seemingly unable to taste the sweets themselves and only dreaming of taking a bite, later appearing in various creative sweet related edits. Gugudan is being followed by a big eerie porcelain doll which disappears in the end as the girls finally get to taste what they have been craving for - a piece of chocolate.

There are plenty more music videos that explore the food concept, some get very popular for their unique visuals, some stay as those hidden gems you have to discover for yourself. One thing is certain: watching these videos when you are hungry is not recommended. Do you know any other food-related music videos? Share with us and comment below!

Cover Image: Orange Caramel (Pledis Entertainment)
Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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