SuperM Sends Fans Jumping and Popping with “Jopping”

SuperM Sends Fans Jumping and Popping with “Jopping”

What do you get when you put seven powerhouses of K-pop together? You get supergroup SuperM! This dynamic, multi-faceted group shows the world that they didn’t come to play as they achieve thirty #1’s in iTunes, two of which include #1 K-pop song and #1 K-pop album in the U.S.!

  • Jopping

SuperM’s title track, “Jopping,” is an energetic, upbeat song that is easy to move along to. At the beginning of the music video, the tone is dark and neutral, but as the group comes together, the scene becomes lighter and slightly more colorful. Throughout the music video, there is a good mixture of solo and group shots, and when you see the group dance together, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they are from different K-pop groups because of their chemistry and synchronization. Their energy seems to feed off each other as they amplify the same, intense emotion. “Jopping” is a catchy song that seems familiar, yet refreshingly different. With a wide range of vocal capabilities, SuperM certainly demonstrates their Avengers theme⁠—they all have such different sounds, but when they come together, it just works well!

  • SuperM - The 1st Mini Album

There are six other songs in addition to “Jopping”⁠ — five songs and two instrumentals in total. On August 28, 2019, the instrumental version of “I Can’t Stand The Rain” was released on Spotify and Apple Music. The beat of the drums quickly got fans excited about the rest of the album. “I Can’t Stand The Rain” is the track that surprised us the most because of how many high notes were achieved, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because of course Baekhyun would. Ironically, SuperM slows down the tempo a little bit with “2 Fast.” Compared to the first two songs, “2 Fast” seems to be more mellow. “Super Car” features a unique sound that will make you want to turn up the volume every time, and “No Manners” is a smooth, mysterious track that features a unified sound between the members. 

Something that is interestingly smart about the album marketing was the idea of having United and Individual member versions. While the entertainment companies are trying to bring fandoms together, they are still respecting that the members are also from different K-pop groups; so, they are offering individual albums in case they happen to not be a multi fan.  

Now that we’ve taken a look at what is in SuperM’s new mini-album, let’s take a look at the members that are bringing this supergroup to life:

  • EXO’s Baekhyun & Kai

As the oldest member of the group, vocalist Baekhyun naturally became the leader of SuperM. The members admire his ability to set the mood and make the team feel comfortable. Since starting his YouTube channel in May 2019, Baekhyun shows fans clips of his daily life, album preparation, and behind the scenes footage for concerts. Maybe we will be able to see exclusive footage of the SuperM members prepare for their debut in his next vlog.

Kai is named one of the best dancers in the K-pop industry. With every choreography piece, he emanates a feeling of passion and confidence. As if he wasn’t powerful enough, he was appointed as Gucci’s very first Korean global ambassador. Don’t let his fierce stage presence intimidate you, though. He is genuinely sweet, especially when it comes to spending time with his niece and nephew.

  • SHINee’s Taemin

SHINee’s (evil) maknae is also named as one of K-pop’s best dancers. In SuperM’s Premiere Event Livestream, Taemin shares that he feels excited about debuting with Kai because it has been something that they had talked about when they were trainees. Taemin and Kai are also close friends with Wanna One’s Ha Sung Woon, HOTSHOT’s Timoteo, VIXX’s Ravi, BTS’ Jimin, and a non-celebrity friend. Fans named their group the “Padding Friends” because of the matching padded jackets Taemin bought them.

  • NCT’s Mark, Taeyong, Lucas, & Ten

Out of the SuperM members, Mark and Ten are the most fluent in English. Baekhyun and Taemin have shared with fans via IG Live that they are receiving a lot of help from Mark. During SuperM’s Premier Event, handsome NCT leader, Taeyong, shows off his English skills by telling fans that he “likes Thor because he wants to be the god of K-pop.” Lucas and Ten are also part of WayV, a China-based NCT sub-unit. 

SM Entertainment and Capitol Music Group spent two months preparing and promoting their new supergroup. From album unboxing videos on YouTube to dance practice photos on Instagram, the two entertainment companies were preparing K-pop fans around the world for SuperM’s debut. To show fans their excitement for their new group, Taemin and Baekhyun filmed a group dinner and after-dance practice hangout on Instagram Live.

After stepping down from his position as CEO in 2010,  Lee Soo Man, founder of SM Entertainment, comes back as the main producer for their next boy group: SuperM. Their goal is to bring Eastern and Western music together and continue on K-pop’s globalized path. It sounds like a lot of pressure for a new K-pop group, but SuperM’s members are taking a more positive point of view. They see this group as an opportunity to be able to meet with more fans around the world. 

What’s next for SuperM? They are scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on October 9, 2019. Then, they will begin their North American Tour in mid-November. Ticket sales begin this weekend, October 6, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. local time. Each ticket includes a copy of their mini album! 

Which track are you most excited to see SuperM perform? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: SuperM (SM Entertainment; Capitol Music Group) in "Jopping"
Written by Sarah Wong

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