Style Lessons From Twice

Style Lessons From Twice

Hey reader, we're gonna make this simple for you! Twice has had a legendary almost-four-year run as a group, and along with an archetypal career comes a stellar wardrobe to match. 

Although some fans may have resented styling decisions made for Twice, there is still a lot we can learn from the group from accessorizing to piecing together runway-ready looks. Let these nine girls take you on a closet tour through some of their best ensembles and individual styles to help inspire your next look. 

Twice members use accessories to spice up their outfits in small yet fun and fresh ways. Here we have Tzuyu adding some charm to her outfit with cute character keychains clipped onto her belt loop. A similar look can be achieved with any clasping keychain or even a wallet chain for an edgier choice. 

An easy way to freshen and tidy up a loose, oversized t-shirt can be to tie a long belt around your waist. In the “Likey” music video, Daehyun can be seen wearing a long, fuschia pink belt around her oversized blue hoodie for a pop of color. Paired with a matching pastel pink beanie, this is a totally wearable and relaxed look for summer time. 

A recurring feature among Twice’s wardrobe would be their usage of ankle boots such as Doc Martens with their skirts and dresses. The key point here is the way these boots travel up to the top of the ankle while hugging the leg, which may seem like a meaningless attribute, but it actually works wonders to elongate the legs. With Twice’s average height being around 165 centimeters (5'4"), creating the illusion of longer legs is essential in some cases. For anyone on the shorter side looking to recreate a similar effect, it can be achieved by using any heeled or flat boot, preferably in a dark color and choosing a shoe with a pointed toe helps to elongate the silhouette even further. Another trick can be to use a matching sock and extend it just over the lip of the ankle boot, in case your boots don’t reach far enough or are wide fitting. A comparable look can also be achieved with sneakers and matching color ankle socks. 

Color and pattern matching has really put itself on the map for 2019 fashion, and within K-pop, Twice have been pioneering the trend. One of the most iconic outfits from their “Fancy” music video has to be Chaeyoung’s pants and tube top combo, the neon green and houndstooth pattern makes a huge statement without much effort at all. Styles such as these are easy and quick to recreate since the essence of the look is only two matching pieces. It is also becoming more accessible to buy matching sets because of large retail chains suchs as H&M and Forever 21 selling this style. Pair the look with some complimentary jewelry for some extra flare and prepare to receive an abundance of compliments throughout the day.

Suits and suit-like pieces have steadily become a staple in K-pop girl group fashion and Twice is not shy to show us the creative ways they incorporate these trends into their stage outfits. On multiple occasions, Twice can be seen wearing variations of matching dark blue pinstripe suits, some members wear vests and long pants while others wear jackets with shorts. A similar look can be achieved with any matching suit set, although the dark blue pinstripes would definitely be a classic, go-to piece to add to your closet. The best part about this style is that you can match with your whole squad!

Keeping with the formal theme, Twice has also showcased how to dress down a blazer for everyday wear. During this MCountdown stage, Jeongyeon is wearing a pink blazer with blue denim shorts and a graphic t-shirt, though the best touch is definitely how she matches the blazer with her pink hair. Draping a blazer over denim shorts and a casual shirt can be a great transitional look for summer into autumn. Momo has also paired a black, oversized blazer with jeans and a white, graphic tee for a laid back airport fashion moment. 

Momo has a personal knack for rocking tracksuits during their off schedule activities, her go to brand for tracksuits is the Korean brand NERDY or ADIDAS. At the airport and in many pictures on Twice’s Instagram she can be seen rocking a tracksuit, and for good reason, considering how effortlessly stylish and comfortable they are. Momo even designed her own tracksuit as merch for Twice’s most recent tour, Twicelights. 

Of course we can’t talk about Twice fashion without referencing their iconic character outfits from “What Is Love?”. Based off of different classic movies such as The Princess Diaries, Ghost, and La La Land, these looks can be the perfect squad Halloween party looks for any year, and are fairly easy to recreate on your own! 

Dahyun has also used fashion to create a social and political statement by wearing a t-shirt from the brand “i marymond you,” which is a brand that advocates for the support and awareness of Korean comfort women. Although she received much backlash from right wing Japanese audiences, her fashion choice was received well by progressive Japanese audiences, Korean, and international audiences as well. There are many charities worldwide that sell jewelry or clothing to buyers so they can easily support and represent a good cause. 

Of course one can attempt to recreate any of these Twice looks and hundreds more, and although it seems easy enough, confidence is the key when it comes to taking style tips from Twice. Their outfits are fun and trendsetting but recreating their outfits without confidence in your look can make it feel as if the outfit is wearing you. Whether or not you style your daily look with Twice in mind, remember that confidence looks great on anyone! 

Cover Image: Twice (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Justine Shaffer

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