Staff Pick: VT X BTS L'ATELIER des SUBTILS SIGNATURE Hand Collection Set

Staff Pick: VT X BTS L'ATELIER des SUBTILS SIGNATURE Hand Collection Set

It’s always wonderful to have smooth and soft hands that make you feel like you’re in an advert for nature and beauty. Now, imagine that intertwined with the heavenly scents curated by French perfume makers.

There’s definitely nothing better than the VT X BTS L’ATELIER des SUBTILS SIGNATURE Hand Collection Set. Yes, the name may be a mouthful, but it sure is fancy. The experience of using these perfumed hand creams is just as luxurious!

The creator of the L’ATELIER des SUBTILS perfumes, Frédéric Burtin, said he was enraptured by BTS’ unique music performances, inspiring him to collab with VT Cosmetics to create a collection of seven perfumes. In a delightful combination of the gentle elegance of hand creams and the sophisticated scents of French perfume, this hand collection set is all any man or woman will ever need (yes, this collection is unisex)!

Of course, collaborations with BTS aren’t collabs unless there’s something wonderful happening behind the scenes! The hand creams are in fact created in a workspace that enables a variety of people to work under equal rights and deliver the product in the same seven scents as the perfume.

Each member has their own version of the product that you can have the pleasure of indulging in, along with keywords for each that spark resemblance with the members themselves:

  • RM: Eau de Bois – Woody, Warm, Elegant
  • Jin: Eau de Coton – Cotton, Soft, Delicate
  • Suga: Eau de Vert – Green, Cosy, Intense
  • J-Hope: Eau de Citrus – Citrus, Fresh, Energizing
  • Jimin: Eau de Poudre – Power, Ambery, Mysterious
  • V: Eau de Musk – Musk, Soft, Addictive
  • Jungkook: Eau de Ocean – Aqueous, Ocean, Breezy

There’s no way you could choose only one of these, no matter your bias!

For a limited time, these hand creams were sold in the BTS pop-up store in Seoul from September 27 – October 6, 2019.

Lucky for you, if you missed the pop-up store because you were either busy or you live across the giant pond, fret not! The entire set is available at the Daebak Shop, so hurry up and get your hands on one while supplies last!

Cover Image: BTS (Big Hit Entertainment)
Written by Hamsini Pratapa

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