Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Colorful Foods from Korea!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Colorful Foods from Korea!

Seeing a rainbow after a storm is always a calming sight. Now imagine if that rainbow was edible, how would it taste? Well, you don’t need to look too far for the answer. Actually, depending on where you live, it might be a little farther than expected... because in South Korea rainbow-colored foods are available everywhere! Nowadays almost anything can be recreated with the color of the rainbow.

  • Rainbow Layer Cake
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The rainbow cake is a specialty at Dore Dore Cafe. A popular spot because of their Instagram-worthy foods, but most importantly, the rainbow cake. Layer upon layer, the cake is stacked with cream in between and covering the outside. You will be in for a colorful surprise once this cake is cut open to reveal the bright colors of the rainbow.

  • Rainbow Bagel

Another rainbow-inspired baked good from Dore Dore Cafe that can be ordered is a rainbow bagel! The multicolored dough is twisted to create this psychedelic bread. Grab a bagel in the morning on your way to work to brighten your Monday with a rainbow.

  • Rainbow Crepe Cake

A pure work of art comes in the form of the crepe cake. This is created when layers of different colored crepes are stacked and stuck together with cream. In the end, the crepe layers look like a cake. The crepe cake almost looks like it has a color gradation. You can enjoy the rainbow crepe cake at Gabiter: Stroopwafels and Coffee.

  • Rainbow Cotton Candy

Rainbow cotton candy can be found along the streets of Myeong-dong in Seoul. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up while shopping, a quick stop at one of the many vendor stalls and you’ll be sure to find the fluffy sweet! It shouldn’t be hard to miss a stall with rainbow-colored food.

  • Rainbow Rice Cake

Rainbow rice cake is a traditional dessert that can be found throughout South Korea. Truly a cultural staple, it is usually made for special events, such as a child’s first birthday or a wedding. It can be found at certain Korean bakeries throughout the country.

  • Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Fairly new to the world, the rainbow grilled cheese is a wonder to behold. This is a great sandwich for all cheese lovers. It’s not everyday you see savory food with all the colors of the rainbow! When pulled apart, the ooey, gooey cheese hue is revealed. The grilled cheese was from a place called Bigger Cheese Toast (삐까토스트).

The beauty of the rainbow resonates with many people. The inclusion of that in food generates vibrant imagery and a yummy taste! It’s only a matter of time until all desserts have been rainbow-fied.

What other cafes or restaurants do you know of that serve rainbow foods or desserts? Let us know in the comments what colorful places and foods you recommend!

Written by Avery Souders

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