Silence of the Lambs: ASMR Cooking

Silence of the Lambs: ASMR Cooking

If you enjoy cooking and ASMR, then you have come to the right place! ASMR has been a trendy topic this year—from many content creators on YouTube of this genre gaining more and more attention to celebrities filming auspicious ASMR videos—the gentle sounds keep attracting curious people all over the world. No wonder they are so popular; many people have very hectic lifestyles nowadays, so to find a way to relax just by tuning out all of the unnecessary noise and letting in peace for a few minutes helps a lot.

In the midst of many ASMR videos out there, some offer more than just a way to sleep. Cooking in ASMR is relaxing and functional at the same time, offering good quality audiovisual content. Let’s take a look at some Korean YouTube channels that are known for ASMR cooking!

  • ASMR Cooking with HANSE (한세)

As any other video focused on cooking, there are many shots of cutting, mixing, whipping, boiling and so on, and they all make a wonderful collection of sounds for you to listen. The videos are mostly of desserts and drinks that are poured in a variety of interesting glass shapes. Cutting different foods with a sharp knife is also one of the ASMR videos that the majority of the viewers seem to favor. The neutral background and cooking materials help to create a relaxing atmosphere, not leaving any space for unnecessary distractions.

HANSE also uploads some bloopers to show that every shot you see is not always perfect on the first try and can look clumsy, which adds some humor and reality to the content. Because of that you don’t have to feel bad when you try to recreate the perfect recipe you saw in a cooking video and it doesn’t go your way, HANSE will assure you: accidents happen, and it is okay!

  • Wife’s Cuisine (아내의 식탁)

If you don’t plan on dozing off while watching, then this YouTube channel will most likely keep you wide awake. The production quality of these videos and how all the meals look will keep your eyes glued to the screen. The attention to detail, homey atmosphere and skillful cooking of delicious-looking savory foods will reel you in and make you want to take a bite, so it is recommended that you watch the videos with a full stomach.

Cho’s Daily Cook (초의 데일리쿡)

This YouTube channel has both sweet and savory videos to look forward to. The most popular ones have a cute theme to them, such as a “Shiba-Inu” honey rice cake, Hello Kitty cheesecake, or some squishy chick bread rolls. Videos about savory meals usually have the pleasant sounds of sizzling, and the process of cooking is very good for learning new cooking tricks. The owner of the YouTube channel introduced it as a way to show the joy of cooking and creativity that comes with it, and the content itself leaves many feeling cozy and relaxed.

  • Kimi ASMR

The videos that the channel shares have a very unique start. If the ingredients can be grown in a garden or found in the forest, they will most likely appear as a part of the video and the effort put in the work is enough to intrigue more than just ASMR fans. From seeking them out to harvesting, then using them to make some natural, homemade goodness, Kimi ASMR connects the cooking even closer to nature, giving the viewers wonderful cooking and nature sounds to listen to.

  • Honeykki (꿀키)

Honeykki makes videos that vary from ASMR focused only on cooking, to many vlog type of videos called “What I Eat in a Day” where she does everything in ASMR, creates a cozy mood and it almost feels like you are a guest at her house, waiting to eat a meal together while it sizzles in the pan. You can see glimpses of her puppy either barking quietly, snoozing or playing somewhere. When the food is ready, there is always a drink she makes to complement the whole meal. 

It is very important to be able to sit back, breathe in and relax, get away from the busyness of life. What is good about ASMR cooking, is that it is also helpful for people who would like to learn how to cook, but are worried that the process might be stressful.

ASMR has the power to relieve that stress and maybe even help you find a new hobby, so watching these videos is a good start! Did you feel the tingles or was it your stomach rumbling? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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