SF9 Takes Home First Music Show Win on 'M Countdown'

SF9 Takes Home First Music Show Win on 'M Countdown'

2020 is starting off great for the group, SF9. Three years following their debut, the group won their first-ever music show trophy! 

The contenders for Mnet’s M Countdown trophy were SF9’s “Good Guy” and ATEEZ’s “Answer.” SF9 won with a roaring 9,798 votes while ATEEZ garnered 5,179. The win was an emotional moment for both SF9 and their fandom, FANTASY.

The members of SF9 could not hide their surprised faces as they were named the winner. Following the announcement, the group’s main rapper, Zuho, crouched down in surprise,  immediately filled with tears. The first to speak was the group’s leader Youngbin who thanked FNC’s founder Han Sung Ho and other FNC staff, his fellow members, and their family members. Youngbin did not forget to thank their beloved FANTASY, promising they would work hard and remember the moment for the rest of their lives. The mic was then passed to Inseong, who added, “This is an award given to us by many people who love us! We’re going to fly higher in 2020! Thank you!”

As the show came to an end and the stage was occupied only by the winners, SF9 began to sing their winning song, repeatedly thanking their FANTASY, who were present and began to fill the room with their amazing voices. The members then brought out spray bottles, spraying water in the air before Youngbin poured all the water on Zuho, who gave a small smile to the camera. The members end by waving and continuously expressing their gratitude toward FANTASY. 

SF9 has come so far and continues to prove both their hard work and talent every comeback. Witnessing the group’s growth from rookies to international stars proves the group worthy of every success given to them. 

Congratulations to SF9 and FANTASY!

Watch SF9’s win below!

Cover Image: SF9 (FNC Entertainment)
Written by Frances Eusebio

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