Top 6 Pink Valentines Day Snacks

Top 6 Pink Valentines Day Snacks

It's Valentine's Day; therefore, everything will be pink! So, to complete any Valentine's Day gift—romantic, platonic, or otherwise—in the most delectable manner, here are our top pink Valentines Day snacks!

While many people take advantage of the chance to start dating on February 14, I prefer celebrating Valentine's Day by showing my loved ones some affection. And there is only one way to express gratitude: by giving them food. I'm talking about a boatload of goodies!

Most Adorable Pink Valentines Day Snacks

Samyang Carbo Spicy Chicken Ramen

The Samyang Carbo Fiery Chicken Ramen packaging is lovely and ideal for Valentine's Day snacks, despite the dish's reputation for being intimidatingly spicy.

Beware—if you know what I mean, it will ignite a different kind of fire in the belly of your loved one!

Petitzel Sweet Pudding Strawberry

Petitzel Strawberry-Flavored Sweet Pudding, with its gorgeous pink packaging and even prettier in the pink strawberry pudding, is the secret to elevating any breakfast, lunch, second lunch, or dinner.

Your loved ones afraid of germs will feel heard, understood, and cherished thanks to the single-serve cups because this creamy treat is too small to share!

Butter Caramel Pringles

Don't have pink Valentine's Day snacks? Then quickly load up on Butter Caramel Pringles.

This Pringles flavor is the only one you need to watch Netflix and relax (and by relax, we mean just relax!) all night long because it has a sweet and salty flavor.

Nongshim Honey Twist Snack

We may not be familiar with your friends or family, but it is safe to presume that they would appreciate nothing more than endless bowls of Honey Twists placed next to a handwritten letter.

The darker pink packaging of this pink Valentine's snack is ideal for your loved ones who like a classy color, regardless of the day of the year, and the crinkle-cut shape of this Korean snack is entertaining in more ways than one (We believe in playing with food!).

Strawberry Choco Pie

While Choco Pies are a delicious treat for any occasion, Valentine's Day is when the strawberry flavor shines. 

The strawberry filling's pink ooey-gooeyness and the pink wrapper perfectly match the theme of February 14! If you have a million friends you adore and love, Choc Pies are also the most fantastic food to stock up on. 

Everyone wants and deserves these, so get a bunch of them and start handing them out like candy in elementary school.




Malang Cow Chewy Candy Strawberry

Possibly the most Instagrammable Korean snack is Malang Cow candy. This milk-based Valentine's Day candy will be welcomed with open arms—and an open camera app on their phone—by pastel princes and princesses, friends with an insatiable sweet tooth, or even that flat lay aficionado you know and love! They are just so adorable.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Fever Guys Fam! We pink you! 💕

Written by Kayla Webb

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