Perfect Places in Korea to Visit in the Summer

Perfect Places in Korea to Visit in the Summer

Summer is definitely the one of the most beautiful times of the year; the warm sun beating down on your skin, the beautiful flowers that have blossomed over spring and are still thriving, the music of the ice-cream van, the scent of BBQ smoke rife in the air, and most importantly, plenty of lovely weather that means… DAY TRIPS! That’s right, with the gorgeous summer hanging over our heads, we no longer have an excuse not to leave the house. So, when you’re wondering what to do with your free, sunny days—Oh, and when you happen to be in Korea—think back to this list and set your summer self free!

  • Jeju

Everyone knows about the famous Jeju Island, and it’s very easy to spend much more than just a day there. It offers some gorgeous scenic routes for hikers and tourists and just overall stunning scenery. The colours and the fresh feeling of this island are just what one needs on those hot summer days. With a range of glistening waterfalls to not only admire but cool you down, Jeju is definitely a must-do on everyone's bucket list for visiting Korea. Since it’s a whole island, there’s plenty of things to do for everyone!

  • Busan

The Haeundae District is home to beaches, hotels, and everything perfect for a holiday or just a day trip in the summer. Of course, you have to visit at least one beach while you’re there, right? So why not visit this one? It’s already known for attracting thousands of visitors every year, and who knows, maybe this year you’ll be one of them? You don’t just have to relax on the beach or paddle in the sea; you can visit aquariums, go to a museum, or even a little cruise. Whatever you wish to do!

  • Danyang

Another day that can be filled with fun-packed activities to keep you busy and to keep that adrenaline going can be spent in Danyang. There are caves, mountains, temples, and mystical scenery. Everything one needs for an awe-inspiring day out, it’s all here! As North Chungcheong's top attraction, there’s a variety of things to do, and no matter what your preference or your reason for visiting, you’ll have a blast

  • Boseong

Full of beautiful views and intriguing designs in the hillsides, stroll past Korea’s vast fields of tea in Boseong, which are guaranteed to fully grasp your attention and allow you to admire the captivating array of greenery. Get some history in your trip here by visiting the small village in the area. If you’re looking for a more peaceful day out filled with enjoyment, then give Boseong a try!

This list is only a brief description of the many things you can do in Korea in the summertime, so keep these places in mind on your next visit!

Written by Nicole Simpkin

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