New Daebak Intern: Kaitlin

New Daebak Intern: Kaitlin

Hi everyone! My name is Kaitlin and I am currently a 2nd year at UC Berkeley, studying Business. I hope to possibly get into sustainability and maybe fashion — everything is still up in the air right now but I am figuring it out. Other than that, personality traits include being a caffeine addict, golfing for therapeutic purposes, planning trips around food spots, and cleaning when bored. Within Korean culture, I am really into dramas, the food, and K-R&B music. (Fave drama: Descendants of The Sun; Fave K-R&B artists: DEAN (!!), Hoody, ph-1; I also really love BTS.)

Consuming Korean pop culture has really expanded the different types of media that I love and it is really interesting to see the differences that Korean pop culture has with American ones. I also really love Chinese dramas too, so seeing the differences between these two types of media is also very interesting. As a Business major, having a better understanding of different cultures also really helps with having a global mindset — Korean dramas specifically really helps with that.

I decided to apply for The Daebak Company for various reasons. The most boring one being that I've never worked for a Korean company or an e-commerce company. Therefore, doing work in a different industry would be great work experience. For the less boring part, I am very excited for this internship because I think I will have a lot of fun. Truly, I have so many opinions on things like Korean dramas and R&B music so doing work relating to that would just be so fun for me. The Korean pop culture industry is also growing very rapidly and uniquely, so doing work while it is growing is also an experience I am really looking forward to. Throughout this period, I would also love to learn more about Korean fashion trends and brands!

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