Mind Tricks: Food That's Not What It Seems

Mind Tricks: Food That's Not What It Seems

As if the invention of food wasn't the greatest gift ever, chefs and cafes have upped the ante by putting in a considerable amount of effort in how they present different food items. One is sure to be startled with these intricate delicacies because these dishes might be completely different from what you imagine them to be. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s start exploring!

  • Dessert on Pasta? 

Cafe D’five comes with the classic Instagram aesthetic we all enjoy but with an extra special twist. Although the menu consists of several mouthwatering items, one of the most ordered dishes is this pink cream cheese pasta. The presentation of this dish steals the show!

  • Peachy Goodness

Are your eyes fooling you just yet? Because ours sure is! Dessert Lab will pleasantly surprise you with their cheesecakes. Shaped into cute little peaches, these are not only rich in flavor but pleasing to the eye. Get your camera ready for the perfect Instagram picture!  

  • Tteok 

Tteok, or rice cake, is a popular Korean dessert enjoyed by many! The chewy consistency matches perfectly with its sweet taste. Tteok being a staple Korean dish has managed to stay with us over the years but the way it is presented has undergone a very pleasant change. The flower design adds a sense of royalty to this age-old recipe! 

  • Watermelon Rice Cakes 

Watermelons are our best friends to beat the harsh summer heat. But what if I tell you this watermelon looking items, in fact, come with no hint of watermelon whatsoever? Don’t be disheartened just yet because they are delicious! Watermelon-shaped rice cakes are a good way of preserving traditional recipes yet catering to the new generation. 

  • Cactus Cookies 

This one sure reminds us of dessert heaven! Creamfields cafe comes with various cookies and cupcakes that will leave your sweet cravings absolutely satisfied. These cookies are soft and crunchy and are topped with the perfect cactus-shaped cream. Get yourself a drink of your choice to go with the cookies and enjoy! 

  • Cafe Tape Cakes 

If you are confused as to what this piece of art might be, hold your breath. Cafe Tape, owned by DJ and Producer, VIANN, is famous for its beautiful dessert items that are adorned with magnificent artworks. It almost looks like the cake has a whole galaxy right inside of it and who knows, it might as well! 

  • Potted Flower Cakes 

D'cube Department Store

Located right beside a florist, Dcube department store has taken it upon themselves to surprise their customers. This might not exactly look like a dessert but it sure tastes fantastic! Delicious pastry filled with a sponge cake, topped off with rich icing is something very few people would pass.

Dessert Lab

Speaking of potted plants gets us to the delicious goodies presented to us by, none other than, Dessert Lab. It might be hard to bite into them, but you won’t regret it once you do!

Enjoying a good meal can flip a bad day on its head. Cafes and restaurants in Korea are trying to make this experience more fun and interesting with their unique dishes and extravagant presentations. To all the food lovers out there, have fun experimenting with what you eat! 

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Written by Sayantani Banerjee

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