Loony For LOOΠΔ

Loony For LOOΠΔ

Fans of K-Pop are very familiar with the debut process: from the introduction and concept photos, to the individual music video teasers that lead to group teasers, and finally, their awaited music video release. Debut projects for emerging artists and groups typically take about a month to reach completion, but when it came to the girl group LOOΠΔ, record label Blockberry Creative made a unique, experimental choice, and had it last for a year and a half! The company went about the debut in all the right ways for it proved to be successful, and LOOΠΔ continues to make great strides today.

LOOΠΔ is a twelve-member girl group that is signed under Blockberry Creative. The pronunciation is officially known as “Loona,” but what’s interesting is that through the group’s name, Blockberry announced the debut process the girls would take. It’s made up of the Hangul characters ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ, which makes up the phrase 이달의 소녀 (girl of the month) when arranged in the appropriate syllabic blocks. And when arranged as ㄴㅇㅇㄷㅅ, it appears similar to LOOΠΔ, which looks a lot like Loona. A lot of thought and plays on the Korean language went into their name to reach a global audience, and it didn’t go unnoticed amongst fans.

The first Girl of the Month to be introduced was HeeJin with the song “ViViD” in October 2016.  “ViViD” was also given an acoustic version, which was released at the same time.

A view days after “ViViD,” the company launched LOONATV, featuring consistent behind-the-scenes content of the girls to the general public with episode runtimes ranging from twenty seconds to five minutes. English subtitles are available for viewers, and as LOONATV continues to dish out episodes, you may have quite a bit of catching up to do if you’re not already a fan. They’re up to Episode 487!

HyunJin followed HeeJin as the next Girl of the Month in November 2016 with a short film that included her solo track “Around You.” The company then released the video for just the song, and a special video for fans before combining HyunJin and HeeJin in the track “I’ll Be.”

In December 2016, the leader of LOOΠΔ, HaSeul, made her debut with the soft ballad “Let Me In.” On the same day as HaSeul’s debut, Blockberry released the Christmas song, “The Carol,” sung by HeeJin, HyunJin, and HaSeul.

Keeping up okay? I hope so because we’re ready to introduce our fourth girl: YeoJin!

YeoJin was the first member to be announced in 2017 with “Kiss Later,” arguably the cutest track to come out of the debut project. She later released a choreography video for her solo. Soon after “Kiss Later,” another song was released by HyunJin and HeeJin, titled “My Sunday;” as well as “My Melody,” featuring HaSeul and YeoJin. The two tracks contained the same instrumental, but different lyrical content.

February was a quiet month for LOOΠΔ, but March of 2017 brought the very first subunit!

LOOΠΔ ⅓ debuted on March 12, 2017 with the three previously-debuted members: HeeJin, HaSeul, and HyunJin; along with a newly-revealed member, ViVi. “Love & Live” showcases ViVi as a robot trying to understand and obtain friendships with HeeJin, HaSeul, and HyunJin. A choreography video was also released for the song.

In April, ViVi’s solo “Everyday I Love You” was released, and featured leader HaSeul as a rapper for the track. At the end of April, another LOOΠΔ ⅓ track was released by the name of “Sonatine.”

Towards the end of May 2017, LOOΠΔ’s Kim Lip was up for her debut with the song “Eclipse.” The song is highly-acclaimed amongst fans and noted as the track that attracted new listeners to the group. Soon after, in June 2017, came JinSoul with “Singing in the Rain.” A week or so later was LOOΠΔ ⅓ third track “51db (Rain 51db).”

In July 2017 came Choerry with “Love Cherry Motion” and a video that showcased both Kim Lip and JinSoul as backup dancers, leading to an announcement of the next subunit!

LOOΠΔ Odd Eye Circle, consisting of Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry; debuted in September 2017 with “Girl Front,” and went on two release two more songs before the next member of the group was announced: “Loonatic” and “Sweet Crazy Love.”

Yves became known to the public in November 2017 with the song “New,” a track that allowed Yves to showcase her powerful dance movements. As December came back around, Blockberry re-released “The Carol,” and this rendition had the voices of ViVi, Yves, and Choerry singing along.

Two days after Christmas came one of the more famous tracks and members: Chuu’s “Heart Attack.” The music video showcased Chuu having the hugest crush on co-member Yves, and was played at Seoul’s Pride celebration. A lot of attention was also brought to the song because of Chuu’s popular apple heart! The cute hand motion was like a virus that quickly spread amongst fans and other idols of Korea!

The last two members debuted with their introduction songs in the early months of 2018. In January, fans met GoWon through “One&Only;” and in March, Olivia Hye was introduced with “Egoist,” featuring fellow member JinSoul.

While every girl had finally made their debut to the public, Blockberry wasn’t quite ready to release them as LOOΠΔ just yet. Instead, they introduced the third subunit LOOΠΔ yyxy—made up of Chuu, Yves, GoWon, and Olivia Hye—in May 2018 with the song “Love4eva,” featuring Grimes. The unit quickly became the most popular among the three.

In August of 2018, fans were gifted the pre-debut LOOΠΔ track “favOriTe,” which showcased every member wearing identical outfits and serving up amazing choreography, now ready for their premier debut as a twelve-member group later that month.

“Hi, High,” the catchy official debut track of LOOΠΔ as a complete group, didn’t snag a win at Korean award shows, but the group was awarded Best Korean Act at the European Music Awards, further proving their global success.

In addition to an exceptionally unique debut process, Blockberry Creative’s promotion tactics are insanely interactive. From the moment of HeeJin’s debut, they’ve been active on Instagram and Twitter. LOONATV currently has over 400 episodes for fans to view, and they also produced their very own web drama for the members to star in that is currently on its third season! Even better, it’s all easily accessible for fans on Youtube.

With so much LOOΠΔ content available and at the ready for your viewing pleasure, there’s no reason for you guys not to take the leap into the LOONA-verse!

Hope you enjoyed this dive into LOOΠΔ, and be sure to stream "Butterfly" and the [X X] EP!

Cover Image: LOONA (Blockberry Creative)

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