Korean Treats For The Holiday Season

Korean Treats For The Holiday Season

With the Halloween season now at its end, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And yes, it is everywhere you go. With so many delicacies, entrees, and pastries it’s hard to keep up with all the delicious foods at one’s disposable for the Holidays. But with these foods designated for a tasty dinner come along with quite a long wait time. However, you shouldn’t worry! SnackFever has a list of snacks here that can hold you over until that Holiday dinner.

The Lotte Mart in South Korea is known for its bountiful selection of snacks that it has in its store, and their Anytime MilkMint candy is the perfect treat to start this list. It’s a sweet treat with a cooling center reminiscent of those classic Candy Canes!

From many appearances in K-Dramas, to being the object of 707’s obsession in MysticMessenger, Honey Butter Chips are a signature snack you should treat yourself to this Holiday season! Though, trying to find the original Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips is a little difficult to find now due to the sudden craze, there are still quite a bit of Honey Butter Chips to mimic the addictive flavor.

ChocoPies are yet another fan favorite amongst Korean snacks! Another gem that comes from Lotte Mart, these ChocoPies are inspired by the already popular rice cakes. It takes the classic, and instead of its usual red bean filling they replace it with chocolate and added yet another chocolate layer to coat it! It’s perfect for the sweet tooth, and just enough to hold you over until that grand Holiday dinner.

Here’s a snack that’s so popular it gets its own day! November 11th is known in South Korea as Peppero day. A day you give the sweet treat to friends, and loved ones to show your affection for them. It’s often shown in dramas, and variety shows and a must have for any Holiday occasion.

Whether being used for a personal delight, or a stocking stuffer, we hope these treats help to make your Holidays just a little bit sweeter.

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