K-Pop Idols Who Are Best Friends in Real Life

K-Pop Idols Who Are Best Friends in Real Life

It is heartwarming to see our favorite idols have fun outside their hectic routines. One can only imagine the kind of work K-pop idols need to put in for us to have an amazing experience. From crazy schedules to practices, they do it all! It is in these moments do we want our idol groups to enjoy and have fun. This competitive industry requires a lot of hard work, nonetheless, it is through this world of K-pop that these artists have earned priceless friendships and families of their own. 

Today, we are looking at some of these small families who have been by each other's side through thick and thin! 

  • Namjoon and Jackson

This duo has been friends since their trainee days and it is truly endearing to see their friendship grow with time. We have Jackson (GOT7),  who is seen to wholeheartedly express his feelings to a very grateful (and shy) Namjoon (BTS). Despite their very busy schedules, the two keep in touch with each other. Jackson visited the American Music Awards in 2017, and posted this special video to cheer on his friend, Namjoon, leaving us teary-eyed.

Our heart melts seeing them interact, and trust us when we say yours will, too! 

  • ‘97 Liners 

This group of friends has their very own exclusive group chat. The ‘97 liners consist of GOT7’s BamBam and Yugyeom, BTS’ Jungkook, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, DK, and The8 along with NCT’s Jae-Hyun. They became friends organically and even performed on stage together at KBS Song Festival 2016

To our wonderful surprise, the group has a new addition: Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO. They are known to showcase their love for each other on SNS, so be sure to keep checking on their ever-growing friendship! 

  • BamBam and Lisa 

It sure is a challenge to move countries and make it big in a competitive industry such as K-pop, which is why familiar faces can make the process of moving in so much easier. This was the case with this lovely duo of BamBam (GOT7) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) who have been friends for eleven years and more! 

These two childhood besties were able to support each other in their long trainee period only to emerge as leading groups today! 

  • P.O. and Minho 

Talking about childhood friendships most definitely brings us to this goofy duo. Block B’s P.O. and WINNER’s Minho were school besties before they made their debuts. It is a pleasant sight to see them be in each other's company because chances are you will witness them two turn into a pool of laughter!

They were initially supposed to debut together before each of them landed their dream jobs. Their friendship is as real as it gets and we wish to see more of it in the coming years! 

  • Padding Friends 

This squad will steal your heart with their unbreakable friendship first, and then by their talent! The group consists of Ha Sungwoon, Taemin (SHINee), Kai (EXO), Jimin (BTS), Timoteo (HOTSHOT) and Jung Kwon Ho; and has been cheering on each other through the years. SHINee’s Taemin mentioned that he always dreamt of having a group wearing matching padded jackets and logos, and it turns out his wish came true! 

The group's logo is a pictorial representation of their bond, made of V signs that make up a star. If that is not heartwarming, what is? 

  • Hwasa and Wheein 

These two set the stage on fire every time they perform! The chemistry MAMAMOO members share with each other can make anyone jealous, but did you know that Hwasa and Wheein’s friendship dates long back? The two met each other when they were in middle school and have been with each other through everything! They even went as far as to get matching tattoos for the ten-year friendship anniversary! How sweet!

The two shared several heartwarming stories of their childhood, melting all our hearts!

  • 92’ Liners 

This group, consisting of Moonbyul (Mamamoo), Baro and Sandeul (BIA4), Hani (EXID), Jin (BTS) and Ken (VIXX); stands as a strong friend circle in midst of their hectic schedule. Moonbyul, in an interview, pointed out that they do keep in touch but cannot meet up because of their schedule. We hope they catch up soon because we want to see more of them! 

  • Hani and Heechul 

Hani (EXID) and Heechul (Super Junior) continue to entertain us with their hilarious banter and endearing relationship. It is refreshing to see K-pop idols have fun in a manner that is genuine and real and these two are the best example. Hani even saved Heechul’s name on her phone as “Daddy-Long-Legs” hinting at the fact that their friendship is strong as ever.  

Isn’t it lovely to see these hardworking artists find friends who have their back? Unfortunately, we were not able to cover all the friendship one can witness in the world of K-pop so be sure to tell us your personal favorite!

Which duo/group would you want to be a part of? Tell us in the comments below! 

Cover Image: Taemin of SHINee (SM Entertainment) & Jimin of BTS (Big Hit Entertainment)
Written by Sayantani Banerjee  

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