K-Pop Idols and Their Adorable F(u)riends

K-Pop Idols and Their Adorable F(u)riends

Imagine this: you’re going home after a hard day packed with dance practices, recording sessions, photo shoots, fittings, and so many other events. What do you need other than a hot cup of tea (or coffee!) and some snacks? The answer is — a furry, four-legged friend!

Just like our furry friends give us happiness and make the best cuddle buddies, these K-pop idols come home to their adorable friends after a long day at work and heal their souls with their cuteness. 

  • BTS' V – Yeontan 

Yeontan is a black and tan teacup pomeranian. Although the pup did live with V in the BTS dorm, due to their hectic schedules, Yeontan now lives with V’s parents. He was formally introduced to the public in December 2017 with a tweet revealing the pup’s name — Yeontan, which means “coal” in Korean.

  • BLACKPINK's Jennie – Kai & Kuma

Kuma is a brown pomeranian & Kai is a white cocker spaniel. Kuma lives with Jennie while Kai lives with Jennie’s parents. Kuma’s birthday is March 24 and he is currently two years old. Kai’s birthday has not been specified, but fans guess he’s around six. The dogs get along well, as they grew up playing together, and now live with Jennie’s family. They’re both also very close to BLACKPINK Jisoo’s dog, Dalgom.

  • Twice's Tzuyu – Gucci 

Tzuyu has dog named Gucci, an adorable chihuahua with an impeccable style and the sweetest face ever seen! It’s said that Tzuyu’s mom’s friend named it after the high-end clothing brand! The two have been inseparable since Tzuyu’s pre-debut days. 

  • Chungha – Bambi

Most people know Chungha’s dog, Bambi, through the special dog episode of Weekly Idol, which was one of her first big public appearances. On air, Chungha explained to her fans the dog was named Bambi because her mom kept calling the puppy that due to its long legs that made her look like a deer. Bambi gave birth to three puppies in 2017: Dakgol, Bamtol and Dodo. Soon after, Bamtol, was adopted by Ryu Jina, Chungha’s manager.

  • Kang Daniel – Peter, Rooney, Ori and Zhang Ah 

Kang Daniel is known for his love for cats. The solo idol has four adopted cats named Peter, Rooney, Ori and Zhang Ah. Rooney and Peter are females and they currently live with his mom in Busan. According to Daniel, Rooney is a Korean shorthair cat whose fur is exceptionally long, while Peter is kind of chubby with soft fur. Daniel and his mom’s love for cats persuaded them to adopt two more cats, Ori and Zhang-ah. Ori is an Abyssinian, and Zhang-ah is a Ragdoll.

Dogs are the gods of frolic while cats are connoisseurs of comfort. Be it any kind of pet, there is always a special bond between every pet and its owner. Do you have a pet? Are you a cat or a dog person? Leave a comment down below! 

Cover Image: Kang Daniel (Konnect Entertainment)
Written by Shreeya Saldanha

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