K-Pop Fan Photo Op: Laundry Pizza

K-Pop Fan Photo Op: Laundry Pizza

No matter how much of a K-pop fan you are, being able to visit a video filming location or a photoshoot location sounds like a dream come true. Well, at Laundry Pizza, you can do exactly that and get your grub on at the same time. 

Located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and just a few blocks walk from Gangnam station, Laundry Pizza is a staple spot for photoshoots and video shoots of K-pop idols. Major names in K-pop such as I.O.I, who shot the cover photos for their Miss Me? album here, BTS who did their album shoot for the E Edition of their Love Yourself: HER album, SHINee’s Key did a photoshoot for Instyle Korea here back in 2016, EXID filmed some scenes of their choreography video for L.I.E here, and many other artists such as GOT7, APink, and Henry have all filmed and posed in front of those iconic washers and dryers. 

Although it may seem so from the photos, Laundry Pizza is far from being an actual laundromat. Though, the attention to detail surely feeds the aesthetic. Baskets on the wall meant for towels actually contain red pepper flakes and garlic powder, and a table meant to look like an ironing and cleaning station is actually a tray return and garbage disposal. The bright logo patterns on the walls and the carefully painted laundry machines sunken into the walls are sure to catch anyone’s eye, K-pop fan or not. 

Then there’s the food, the homemade pizza. The style of pizza Laundry Pizza has to offer would most definitely be considered New York-style, the crust is very thin and crisp—almost like thin and crispy toast, and in the best way possible. The size of their slices is a bit out of the ordinary for Korea, a country known for their perfectly triangular and small pizza slices. Laundry Pizza serves up a big slice that takes up your whole plate, definitely making the 5,500 won price tag worth it. Some unique toppings they offer include mac and cheese, potato slices, spinach bacon, and their own self-titled Laundry Pizza slice. Laundry Pizza doesn’t carry some of the bells and whistles other pizza restaurants in Korea tend to have, their menu is limited to pizza and fountain drinks, but what they lack in menu size they surely make up for in reputation and aesthetic. 

After fueling yourself with oven fresh pizza, it’s time to take some precious photos. For the most opportunities to take some sweet shots, we recommend visiting on a weekday because although the space is big, on weekends and Friday nights it gets packed very quickly and it would be best to avoid fighting with fellow fans over the seat BTS Jimin sat in. And although it’s tempting to get the same perfect shot as Key from SHINee, we really don’t encourage you to sit on the tables, for the sake of not getting yelled at by employees.  

Whether you’re a K-pop fan looking for the perfect selca day concept or you’re a New York-style pizza lover in Seoul in desperate need of a taste of home, hit up Laundry Pizza with some friends and enjoy the atmosphere. And don’t forget to take some complimentary laptop stickers on the way out!

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Written by Justine Shaffer

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