K-Pop Dance Practice Videos and the Choco Pie Flavors That Match Their Vibe

K-Pop Dance Practice Videos and the Choco Pie Flavors That Match Their Vibe

In the world of K-pop, perfection is mandatory. It’s like the qualifier—are you the physical representation of perfection? Great, you’re in. While I appreciate this and the highly-stylized music videos and stage performances that encapsulate an awe-inspiring level of precision, quality, and excellence (because duh!), there is something about dance practice videos that show the cracks in this façade in the most heartwarming way. Whether it’s the casual clothes, the shenanigans, or the one-take format, dance practice videos are my guilty pleasure—tied for first with Choco Pies, that is!

Just for fun and giggles, here is a brief list of a few of my favorite dance practice videos and the choco pie flavor vibe they give off. If you’re looking for a new treat to try, or maybe playing Russian roulette to pick a flavor to enjoy on the fly, check out this list to see if your fave (either dance practice or choco pie flavor) made the list!   

iKON – “Killing Me”

What an era! While “Love Scenario” was the song of 2018, the choreo for “Killing Me” left me swooning and reminded me why I fell in love with iKON in the first place. Because this dance practice video is so good you’ll want more (and to watch it again), it reminds me of the cheesecake choco pie—something else that I won’t ever say no to seconds of.

Seventeen – “Adore U” (Switch Part Ver.)

When Seventeen dances, the whole world stops and stares for a while. I could watch them dance for days. And because they’re just that good at synchronization and precision, it’s fun to watch the chaos they inflict upon themselves by switching parts with other members. The “Adore U” Switch Part Version is the OG Seventeen Switch Part Version, and as such, is my favorite one. Just like this dance practice video, the green tea choco pie is an action-packed flavor with a lot of personality and will forever have a place in my hungry heart.

Stray Kids – “Get Cool”

Stray Kids is arguably the breakout rookie of 2018 (and if you don’t agree, then they’re at least the breakout rookie of my 2018). I think the “Get Cool” choreography continues to show off Stray Kids’ duality. Sure, they can bring you to the dark depths of being an idol rookie uncertain of the future a la “Hellevator,” but they can also make you grin so hard your cheeks will ache for days a la “Get Cool.” The “Get Cool” choreography is fun and just like the original choco pie flavor because it’s consistently good and never a bad idea to splurge on.

B.A.P – “Feel So Good”

“Feel So Good” was a bop, is a bop, and won’t ever stop being a bop. I don’t know anything about dancing, but the fancy footwork, smooth slides, and overall bounciness of the “Feel So Good” choreography makes me want to dance, too—a mistake because I cannot dance. This dance practice video makes me almost as happy as I am biting into a banana choco pie on a spring day. And together the “Feel So Good” dance practice vid and banana choco pie flavor are a match made in moodbooster heaven. Feels so good!

NCT Dream – “We Go Up” Halloween Costume Ver.

NCT Dream debuted a different sound in 2018, with “GO” and “We Go Up” setting the scene for a new, more mature era. But, NCT Dream will always be a group full of youth, something I’m reminded of when I watch the “We Go Up” Halloween Costume Version dance practice video despite the more mature sound and fast-paced choreo. For this reason, NCT Dream embodies the vibe of the strawberry and yogurt choco pie, a snack reminiscent of youth, yet still enjoyable by everyone.

Monsta X – “Shoot Out”

Who is the stylist behind the “Shoot Out” stage costumes? I would like to give you a medal. This dance practice video is…decadent. Watching Monsta X slay the “Shoot Out” choreo is akin to enjoying a red velvet choco pie, and that’s all I have to say about that.  

GOT7 – “Confession Song”

This is not a dance practice, but it is everything. If you look up “tomfoolery” in the dictionary, you will find a link to this video. Between Jackson poking BamBam’s ear with a stalk of wheat (where did he even get that?), JB’s monotone singing while holding a plant, Youngjae’s opera solo (gets me everytime!), Yugyeom’s scream; this is utter nonsense of a video, but it is sure to warm even the coldest of hearts. This made the list of my favorite dance practice videos even though it is, in fact, not a dance practice; similar to how a cheese choco pie is still delicious even though chocolate and cheese don’t seem like BFFs at first. Overall, this rendition of “Confession Song” and cheese choco pie are both a little weird, but still very enjoyable.  

What’s your favorite dance practice video, and what choco pie flavor does it remind you of?

Tell us, tell us, tell us, Fever Guys fam!

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