K-Pop Covers that Will Make You Say WOW: DAY6 Covers, Part 3

K-Pop Covers that Will Make You Say WOW: DAY6 Covers, Part 3

Korean-rock band DAY6 has developed their own style throughout their years that is unique in the world of K-Pop. Although they are quite different from the majority of K-Pop artists, the members, Jae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon still find great appreciation for their peers. The boys often demonstrate this through performing covers and re-imaginings of other artists’ songs in their own special way that differentiates it as being DAY6 rather than the original. Here are a few of many DAY6 covers of K-Pop songs that I am sure you will enjoy!  

“Fantastic Baby” by BIGBANG

DAY6 proving that “they’re just like us” by jamming out at karaoke with the BIGBANG hit “Fantastic Baby!” Of course, we are all obsessed with BIGBANG, including DAY6, therefore they didn’t just cover one but three BIGBANG songs! They did a “re-imagining” of “Bad Boy,” then Young K, Sungjin, and Wonpil covered “If You.”

“오늘 모해” by iKon

Jae and Young K cover a song by one of our other favourite boy groups, iKon!

“What The Spring??” by 10cm

Jae, Sungjin, and Young K performed a cover of “What The Spring??” originally sung by acoustic folk duo 10cm for KBS CoolFM. Additionally, Sungjin, Young K, and Dowoon also covered “I’m Dying (So Nice)” by 10cm.

“Don’t Forget” by Crush ft. Taeyeon

This is a cover sure to make a lot of you very happy, especially those who love Korean R&B. If you can’t get enough, you are in luck! Not only did DAY6 cover Crush and Taeyeon’s “Don’t Forget,” but they did an English cover of Crush’s “Sofa,” as well as a cover with the original lyrics. Wonpil covered “Sometimes” by Crush, too.

“D (half moon)” by Dean ft. Gaeko

Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon covered alternative R&B singer-songwriter Dean’s collaboration with Gaeko, “D (half moon).”

“Cherry Blossom Ending” by Busker Busker

Jae, Wonpil, and Dowoon covered K-Indie band Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending,” which is a great song to put in the mood for the beginning of springtime!

And last but certainly not least...

JYP Nation

DAY6 shows love for their JYP Nation family by covering the fellow members under the label all the time, from classic artists like g.o.d. and the Wonder Girls to some of our recent favourites:  GOT7, Twice, and all artists in between.

Here is a compilation video of some of the best ones, including covers of Twice’s “TT” and DAY6’s English rewriting of 2AM’s classic “This Song.” Brian (Young K) found this song especially meaningful because it was the last song he sang for camera audition.

And, of course, nothing can beat the iconic moment when DAY6 came together with their fellow JYP groups, GOT7, Twice, and Stray Kids; to deliver a performance dedicated to honouring their CEO’s career by covering his songs.

DAY6 has a wide love and appreciation for all types of music that expounds outside Korea, all over the world and across different eras. The boys’ unique music that has now become known as DAY6 must come from each member’s own diverse tastes. As we look at the songs that they chose to cover throughout the years, it is clear that they are open-minded and do not restrict themselves to one genre, type, or style.

If you are interested in learning more about DAY6’s musical tastes, musical background, or would just like to listen to more covers by them, check out our first two DAY6 covers articles: Remember the Classics and DANCE DANCE Around the World.

If you are new to DAY6 and would like to learn a little more about the band, check out another one of our articles: Everything You Need To Know About 'Every Day6'.

What was your favourite DAY6 cover song? Who do you think they will cover next? Do you think this could possibly lead to a potential collaboration for DAY6?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Cover Image: DAY6 (JYP Entertainment); M Countdown

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