Jeju Island Travel Guide

Jeju Island Travel Guide

Jeju Island is often known as the Hawaii of South Korea, so if concrete jungles like Seoul aren’t quite your speed, and you really want a taste of South Korea, you might want to add Jeju Island to your list!

Since Jeju is some distance from the mainland of South Korea, it is littered with cultural aspects specific only to the area. If you’re looking for a family holiday on a little island to relax and enjoy nature, Jeju should definitely be a top contender.

  • Tangerine Picking

Jeju is an island of all things tangerine! While the island's peak season for tourism is in summer and spring, Jeju is also known for its fresh tangerines, which are ripe for picking during the winter season. Tangerine farms are found almost all over the island, meaning it is easily accessible to most visitors. Tangerine picking is a super affordable activity and is a perfect bonding activity for all travellers. Not only are visitors able to take the tangerines that they pick home, but they can also eat as many tangerines they want while picking—think of it like a tangerine buffet! Tangerine-themed items can be found all over Jeju, ranging from tangerine juice to tangerine souvenirs.

  • Jeju Maze Land

Jeju Maze Land is a super popular tourist destination, and it is exactly what it sounds like, a park filled with beautiful leafy greens and a giant maze carved out of hedges. This park has also been featured on various variety shows! For all the K-pop fans, this park is extremely popular amongst idol groups, and groups such as GOT7 and BLACKPINK have filmed episodes of their variety shows in this park, featuring their efforts to race their way out of this maze. Jeju Maze Land is perfect if you’re looking for a day of wallowing in nature while still having a somewhat thrilling adventure.

  • Cafe Monsant

Cafe Monsant is BIGBANG leader G-Dragon’s cafe, so this is definitely a must-go for VIPs! Cafe Monsant’s exterior is wrapped in an elaborate mirror, perfect for the Instagram selfie... because if you didn’t post about it on Instagram, did you really go to Jeju? This cafe looks over the Handam Aewol coastal walk, meaning visitors get to enjoy a lovely ocean view while sipping away at their coffee. For those who want to enjoy the lovely beachy breeze, there are tables and bean bags placed outside the cafe for customers to bask under the warm Jeju sunshine.

  • Innisfree Jeju House

This one is for all our fellow avid skincare fans. Innisfree is a super popular Korean skincare and makeup brand, and it originates from Jeju, hence their flagship store being located there! If you’re looking to buy cheap Innisfree products, this may not be the place to go, but if you are hoping to enjoy the serenity of pretty and minimalist interior design. The Innisfree Jeju house also sells food and drinks, so your lunch plans are all sorted! Visitors can also purchase DIY soap kits and sit down at the designated stations, where video tutorials teach you how to make the soap. The kits come in green tea, tangerine and volcanic, so you can bring a little piece of Jeju home with you in the form of a bar of soap.

  • Osulloc Tea Museum

The Osulloc Tea Museum is located right next to Innisfree Jeju House and it definitely worth a visit, even for those who aren’t big fans of tea. They offer free tea tastings before you decide on which teas to purchase and have a cafe for visitors to enjoy their drinks and little cafe nibbles. Outside the tea house, you will also find their tea plantation which is essentially rows upon rows of tea shrubs—the perfect encapsulation of Jeju’s specialties!

Jeju Island is a place of endless greenery and nature, and it is no wonder why it attracts so many visitors each year.

Would you like to visit Jeju one day? If so, what would you be most excited to see? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Stephanie Leung 

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