I'm So Hungry I Could... Sing About It!

I'm So Hungry I Could... Sing About It!

In fact I might just sing about it Twice!

by Tby Tomato.

Don't listen to this song while you're hungry because it'll just make you hungrier! During their recent visit to Weekly Idol, TWICE sang a special song they call the "Hungry Song." Though they admitted that they didn't actually create the song, they have been singing it since their trainee days!

The song itself has gone through several revisions and additions. It's sung in acapella, and each of the girls chant the name of a food they want to eat, and unite at the end with a cheerful "delicious." In this specific video, it's Jeongyeon who sings the ending. If you're curious about the foods they mentioned in their song on this episode of Weekly Idol, we've got you covered! Chaeyoung: bap (밥) rice (Though she mentions both bean rice and sushi rice) Tzuyu - gogi (고기) meat Dahyun: sangchu (상추) lettuce Jihyo - pizza Momo - cider (사이다) Sana - ddalgi (딸기) strawberries Nayeon - bulgogi (불고기) marinated beef Mina - yukhoe (육회) raw beef Jeongyeon - Delicious! Waiting to be fed has never been this cute! Next time I'm bored waiting for my dinner I'll just start chanting what I want to make the time pass, lol. If you're still feeling hangry, make sure to grab a SnackFever box today! 

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