iKON's Self-Defining 'i Decide' Comeback

iKON's Self-Defining 'i Decide' Comeback

iKON has released their third mini album, i Decide, well over two years since their last studio album, Return (2018), and their first as a six-member group.

The album consists of five songs: “Ah Yeah,” “Dive,” “All the World,” “Holding On,” and “Flower.” All except for “Flower” were written and composed with help by former leader, B.I. The group’s fandom, iKonics, are happy that he is getting the recognition he deserves and that the hard work he did before leaving the group would be released.

Lead single “뛰 어들게 (Dive)” is an upbeat song that showcases each member's talented vocals and rap perfectly as they convey the story of a person blinded by love whose only wish is to be accepted by the object of their affection and be in their world. 

If you’re the fire, I’ll dive into it.
I’ll say I'm warm and flare up. 
If you’re the thorny path I’ll dive into it, 
and say it’s soft and throw myself against it.” 

iKON released six individual member teasers on their Instagram in January, each one in black and white with the members staring off to the side before staring straight ahead, then fading to black with the words “i Decide” appearing. 

The first concept trailer for i Decide was narrated by Bobby, giving a peek to what the new album would contain. Though the comeback announcement was bittersweet for iKonics, many fans were excited by the news, welcoming the new album while others felt it wouldn’t be the same. However, the group was flooded with positivity and excitement for their new album, which can now be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

Have you listened to iKON’s new album yet? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!

Cover Image: iKON (YG Entertainment)
Written by Ashton Carson

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