Idol House of Horrors 🧟

Idol House of Horrors 🧟

When Halloween comes creeping in, fear and hilarity ensue. There are those who enjoy a good scare and others who would like to stay as far away from it as possible. A highlight of the spooky holiday is watching other people get scared from either pranks or haunted houses. People’s reactions are filmed for everyone else to laugh or be scared with the victims. Korean idols are subjected to these antics and more all year. The differing personalities of group members create an amazing mixture of scenes perfect for any variety show. Let’s take a look at some of these moments caught in the following videos!

Jennie from BLACKPINK - Running Man

Jennie of BLACKPINK was in for more than she bargained for when she and Running Man member, Lee Kwangsoo, decided to go into the haunted house. Their team’s courage is quickly put to the test and disappears immediately with the first jump-scare. 

  • MONSTA X - Real Men

An abandoned amusement park really sets the mood for MONSTA X’s special horror episodes. Missions must be done in order to complete a courage test. Their reactions to the ghosts are priceless, and you’ll be able to find out who truly is the bravest among the members. 

  • GOT7 - Real GOT7

A classic scare prank amongst many is the jump-scare video. Find out how easily scared GOT7 gets when spooked by special surprises. You can watch each reaction and laugh along with the members, too!

  • SF9 - Dingo K-Drama

SF9 thinks they’re in for a normal dance video with a horror theme. During the filming, small scares happen; but little do they know, a horde of zombies are waiting to strike at the perfect moment. 


The members of SEVENTEEN are tasked with going through an abandoned school to find a special present, but spirits await them inside. Watch as Hoshi, DK, The8, and Seung-Kwan work their way towards their final goal to get the gift.

  • EXO - EXO Showtime

The original thirteen members of EXO are subjected to a spine-chilling haunted house experience. With ghosts and ghouls, jump-scares abound! Time to see which members of EXO can handle a little scare. 

  • Tiffany - Mnet

Meet the brave ghostbuster, Tiffany from Girls' Generation (SNSD)! She must defeat the ghosts in the haunted house through a series of minigames. Can she defeat the evil within? 

  • BTS - Run BTS!

BTS is split into teams, and must overcome obstacles and solve puzzles while avoiding the ever-present horde of zombies in Everland. Which team will triumph? Which team will be consumed by fear? One thing is for sure, the group has a strong set of vocals!

Halloween is a time of fun and terror. No matter who you are, idol or not, sometimes you can be caught up in the terrifying pranks. Whatever the case, it’s fun to watch!

What are your favorite reactions from idols being scared? Do you have an idol you would like to go through a haunted house? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Suga of BTS (Big Hit Entertainment) in Run BTS!
Written by Avery Souders

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