Heal Your Heart: Chicken Brands Endorsed by Idols

Heal Your Heart: Chicken Brands Endorsed by Idols

When done well, advertisements can really attract customers to a business. There are all sorts of tactics companies use to draw attention like colors or a slogan. For a lot of brands, using popular celebrities is the way to go. Whether it’s for makeup and skincare or food and drinks, idols are all over the place in Korean stores and advertisements.

Chicken is a very popular food to see all the biggest names eat. Who has become an ambassador for fried chicken chains and which of these chains has great food? We’re ready to give you recommendations and enjoy some A+ acting while we’re at it.

  • DD Chicken (디디치킨)

DD chicken is a brand that capitalizes on flavor trends, like honey butter, while also keeping with the classic sauces from mild to super spicy. They even offer a dish with spicy chicken and tteokbokki. If you don’t want fried chicken, they also offer amazing sides like cream cheese balls, fries, fried hot dogs, and mozzarella sticks. They’re a very popular brand with students at Yonsei University. Their most notable celebrity ambassador was idol group SEVENTEEN. DD made sure to post plenty of content of the boys on their social media accounts to make fans happy and get them to try their food.

  • Goobne

Goobne is a brand known for being healthier and still tasting just as good as their competitors. They roast their chicken and do not use oil during the cooking process. Their most popular chicken flavors are their mild sauces, and if you don’t want chicken, they have plenty of meals you can get, like soup, noodles, and salad. For our adult readers, you can get alcohol, and if you’re looking for something sweet, they have shaved ice available. You can find locations for this brand in more than just Korea; they have stores in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Macao. They have had many popular ambassadors over the years like Girls’ Generation and EXO. Their most recent models are ASTRO’s Eunwoo and actress Park Bo Young (Abyss).

  • NeNe Chicken (네네치킨)

Nene Chicken provides many options for whatever your preference is. Whether you like fried or grilled chicken, spicy or mild or even sweet, they have it all! If you can’t decide on one kind to try, they offer mixed boxes. Their signature item is fried chicken with a sweeter sauce and onions on top. For those of you that like chimaek (치맥), they offer beer to go with your chicken. NeNe Chicken also has locations in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Previous ambassadors for this brand include idol groups Oh My Girl and T-ARA and tv personality Yoo Jae-Suk. Currently, NU’EST W and SEVENTEEN are joint models for the restaurant.

  • BB.Q Chicken

BB.Q is one of the most well known Korean chicken brands. With a wide variety of options, unique cooking style, and top name ambassadors, it’s easy to see why. This brand cooks their food in olive oil, which is a healthier way to cook and provides a different flavor than their competitors. They have different flavors for their grilled and fried chicken, including a cheese coating. You can also get a few Korean classics or some fusion options like kimchi fried rice and bulgogi poutine. BB.Q has store locations in thirty different countries all over the world. Maybe you’ve heard of some of their ambassadors over the years. Their current model group is BTS with past models including Suzy and actor Lee Jong Suk, idol groups Wonder Girls, Beast, TVXQ, and soloist Hyuna. They’ve rightfully earned a name for themselves since their start.

  • Gamaro Chicken

Gamaro Chicken is a popular brand amongst Koreans. They stick with their top flavors and have perfected them, using sunflower seed oil for frying, and their boxes have no harmful substances mixed in the material. You can choose from their sweet teriyaki sauce or their spicy pepper sauce, mix it up, or go for a classic fried chicken. Their most notable brand ambassador is none other than the idol group Twice.

Idol recommendations shouldn’t be the main factor when choosing a product, but can really open your eyes to a new brand you may have never known about. It can also feel really great when your favorite people acknowledge your favorite brands and give you another reason to support them!

All brands have their own unique products or experiences to offer. If it takes using a method like special guests, there is nothing wrong with that. What has been your favorite brand or restaurant that a K-celebrity has shown you?

Cover Image: Twice (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Chey Olexa

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