Halloween K-pop Playlist Just for Thrills!

Halloween K-pop Playlist Just for Thrills!

All Hallow’s Eve has crept up on us again. This chilling season gives great reason for parties into the night. If you want to make sure you and your ghoul friends are dancing in the moonlight and having a thrilling time, you gotta have a killer playlist. Let's get this party startled and have some skele-fun!

Jackson Wang - "Bullet to the Heart"

The GOT7 rapper’s latest solo project is a bop that will certainly have you slaying the dance floor. 

BTOB - "스릴러 (Thriller)"

The “Thriller” that isn’t—but should be—in everyone’s Halloween playlist. 


TWICE might not be the first thing one would expect to hear in a playlist of spooky tunes but their theatrical visuals are scary good and everyone can join in on the choreography! 

EXO - "Monster"

You’ve got to be a monster to not include this. 

Red Velvet - "RBB (Really Bad Boy)"

One of the most Halloween videos of them all. Really bad? More like really good. 

Jay Park - "Demon"

Demons are a ghoul's best friend but not Jay's.

Heize - "We Don't Talk Together"

If everyone isn’t dead already, this is a chill way to end a scary good time. 

IU - "Cruel Fairy Tale"

This chilling song gives opportunity to entice that special someone to slow dance. 

MONSTA X - "Ghost (악몽)"

This hypnotic track from MONSTA X’s Take.2 We Are Here album is the perfect addition to a Halloween playlist.

f(x) - "Dracula"

A K-pop throwback that will wake up the dead. 

What’s your Halloween playlist must-have? What are you going to be for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below! 

Cover Image: Red Velvet (SM Entertainment)
Written by Tiffany Simms

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