Go Higher and 'LALALAY' with Sunmi

Go Higher and 'LALALAY' with Sunmi

Sunmi is well-known as an artist who uses her platform for good, always sneaking messages about confidence into her lyrics. Her newest comeback with “LALALAY” is no different. Similar to her last comeback, “NOIR,” which talks about the pressures of social media, this time around Sunmi wants to “LALALAY” and let loose. Coming off of her solo world tour, Warning, just two months ago, she’s back with another single full of quirky visuals and an addictive hook.

With lyrics that talk about struggles with the public’s opinion about her, Sunmi reminds herself to forget about everyone else and let go, living in the moment. The chorus repeats the lyrics “nal la la la la la la lay,” which is sure to be stuck in listener’s heads for hours after release. The lines, “Even if I burst” and “whatever happens, I’m going to run” is Sunmi telling herself to be free and not overthink when the public has negative opinions. 

“LALALAY” is a high-energy track with tropical and dancehall influences, and is a perfect single to end the summer. Intense triples and a funky bass start off the song while lighter beats and a funky saxophone fill the chorus with an addictive melody. 

On the word “higher,” the beat drops, which comes up a few times within the bridge as well, fitting the song’s message. The instrumental makes for a great, fun dance track that Sunmi herself wrote and co-produced. When asked about her inspiration for the song, she mentioned the leg of her tour in Mexico, loving their confidence and infectious energy.

The visuals of the music video are full of fun and quirky scenes that fit well with Sunmi’s brand, and very similar to past music videos such as “NOIR” and “GASHINA.” To go along with the “going higher” concept, butterflies are common symbolism throughout the video, from the suitcase she comes out of at the start to her room of butterflies on picture frames. Also in line with the concept, Sunmi flies on an airplane with her “followers” during the bridge, all sporting the same blonde hair color and style as her. The clothing and backdrops in the video are full of vibrant colors, adding to the appeal and making for a nice summer vibe.

While her tour may be over, you can still support her single over your preferred streaming site or watch the music video on YouTube. Her promotions for “LALALAY” are only for two weeks, so if you find yourself in Korea during this time, you can find her at all your weekly music shows. This is Sunmi’s second comeback in 2019, and she’s already teasing her next release, so get ready!

Cover Image: SUNMI (Makeus Entertainment)
Written by Chey Olexa & Justine Shaffer

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