Fresh Fruit Desserts from Ovener.

Fresh Fruit Desserts from Ovener.

Sometimes all you need is some fruit and flowers to create that perfect aesthetic. There can be cafés that can fit that description, but none do it better than Ovener., a minimalist café with detailed cake designs! Ovener. has got you covered with cakes for all occasions or maybe just a place to meet with friends. Remember, this is a dessert cafe, so grab a cup of tea or coffee with your slice of cake to balance out the sweetness. 

Just about a two-hour train ride away from Seoul, Ovener. is located in Daegu, a city that is located south of the capital. This café’s placement is great to get you exploring into southern parts of South Korea! A modern interior design mixed with a comfy couch is the place to go with friends and chill.

Just imagine having this beautiful heart-shaped, lavender cake at your party! The artistry that goes into making one of these sweet pieces takes a lot of time, which also means that it will be a bit expensive. But hey, treat yourself! Try something a little different from the regular chocolate or vanilla cake and order a fig or mango cake. 

If you are heading to Overner. for a cake, you can either order one ahead of time to your own fruity and flowery preference or just pick-up one in-store that is on display for the day. Just make sure you check with the decorators on how you want your cake styled. New cakes are made daily, so you’ll always be surprised at their most recent creations! The decorators are artists, let them explore with new and interesting designs for your next order.

According to an Overner. blog on Naver, the most popular orders are for are seasonal fruit cakes, black tea cheese mousse, dip chocolate cake, and sweet potato cakes.

If you happen to be in Daegu, stop by for a delicate and sweet cake with your favorite fruits and flowers! Maybe this will be your next stop to buy a cake for an event. Whatever it is, just know you won’t be disappointed with the floral design or taste.

What would you want your cake to look like? If you were in Daegu, would you stop at Overner. for studying or meeting friends? Let us know!

Written by Avery Souders

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