Food Tour with Ahn Hyo Seop

Food Tour with Ahn Hyo Seop

Ever wonder what your favorite K-celebs are eating lately? Look no further than their social media! The familiar faces we know and love from Korean entertainment occasionally turn to SNS to share photo-worthy foods, delivering a double helping of aesthetics and taste, and giving fans a closer look into what they’d most likely be found eating for lunch. Let’s take a trip through treats from Korea and beyond, and who knows? Maybe we’ll find our next spark of snackspiration!

Ahn Hyo Seop has gained popularity for his roles as Park Chul Soo in My Father is Strange and Yoo Chan in Still 17, or as a member of the project group S.O.U.L for the YouTube drama Top Management. He recently finished up his role as Cha Min on the widely-popular Netflix drama Abyss, and has definitely been keeping himself well-fueled during all of these endeavors! We’ve compiled a list of highlights from his food adventures, so get ready to add these snacks to your must-try list!

  • Birthday Cake

Hyo Seop celebrated his 24th birthday in April with a big group of his friends, who had custom sweatshirts with his name made for the occasion and brought him a delicious looking cake to enjoy! This is one example of a unique cake, which is one way to show your appreciation for someone on their birthday. 

  • Solo Ramen

Hyo Seop is showcasing the beauty of the solo ramen restaurant phenomenon popular in Japan that is becoming more common in Korea. In these restaurants, individual test-center-esque tables allow for a private dining experience. This is the perfect place to go for a quick bite to eat on your way to school or work (or when you don’t want anyone recognizing you during your late night snack sessions!)

  • Seaweed Soup

Hyo Seop’s mother made him this 미역국 (mi-yeok-guk: seaweed soup) in Canada. 미역국 is a soup that is traditionally eaten on birthdays, although it can be enjoyed throughout the year or as a side dish. It usually is made with seaweed, broth, and some type of meat. Just be sure to leave this out of your meal before an important test or interview, as Korean superstition says this will cause you to slip up (slippery seaweed) and fail.

  • Cone Sushi

At first glance, this dish may seem like something completely foreign, but it’s just our good friend sushi! This is cone sushi, a type of sushi that is wrapped in a sheet of delicious fried tofu. It is often found in local Japanese lunch spots and is a popular filling snack in Korea. It can also be wrapped in a cone-shaped sheet of seaweed, more similar to traditional sushi, but Hyo Seop opted for the more fun and tasty version!

  • Banana Juice

We are big juice people: apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and...banana juice? Hyo Seop has introduced us to this delicious treat, and we are so thankful! This creamy, sweet drink is a great dessert treat, but is also healthy enough to be eaten for breakfast! The next time you wake up craving ice cream, try this out instead for a filling and nutritious alternative. 

  • Tonkatsu

If this article hasn’t made you hungry yet, that’s about to change. This is tonkatsu, a popular Japanese dish of fried pork cutlet and a delicious Japanese worchestire sauce for dipping or pouring. It’s incredibly savory and salty comfort food that can be served with just about any side dishes. Hyo Seop is enjoying this majestic meal with rice and a few Korean side dishes. We know what we’re having for dinner tonight! 

  • Brooklyn: The Burger Joint

Although it is rare, sometimes you’re just not in the mood for kimchi and bibimbap for dinner. If you’re planning a trip to Korea and are worried about missing the taste of home, have no fear! Seoul is an incredibly global city with cuisine from all over the world and Brooklyn: The Burger Joint is just one example of that. Don’t let the name deceive you: this restaurant is located conveniently in three different places around Seoul, not NYC. Here, you can pick up a satisfyingly savory burger and fries, both of which are often praised for being the most authentic American found in Seoul. 

  • Rabbit Latte

We all know K-celebs are often incredibly busy and are in big need of a pick me up. Here, Hyo Seop opts for an artistic latte, topped with a cute rabbit. Hyo Seop apologizes for eating the rabbit in his caption, but we can let this one slide—we understand the need to get your caffeine in as soon as possible!

As you can see, Hyo Seop is no stranger to a delicious and filling meal, sweet snack, or nutritious and energizing beverage. We hope this list helped you understand more about what Hyo Seop is getting up to in the food world recently-which food are you dying to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover Image: Ahn Hyo-seop (Starhaus Entertainment)
Written by Abby Kotar

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