Food Fusions: Revamping Traditional Korean Dishes

Food Fusions: Revamping Traditional Korean Dishes

Korean cuisine provides diverse food items that are warm and healthy. Yet, the charm of a meaty burger with some oily french fries, although super unhealthy, is unexplainable. What if we could have the best of both worlds? The recipes of these food items have been slightly changed in order to mix and match several ingredients to give you the perfect fusion delicacy. So, sit back and food tour with us!

  • Gilgeori Toast Korean Street Toast (길거리토스트)

Street food is said to unite people within the country. They say if you have to get an idea about the culture of a country, take to the streets because that is exactly where you will find all the age-old recipes. Korea has an abundance of stalls and small shops selling mouthwatering dishes. One of the recent items that have come to become the buzz of the town is Korean street toast. This dish will accompany you for your rush hour hurry! Putting ham and cheese sandwiches to shame, Korean street toast is full of fresh vegetables, egg, and shockingly, sugar! The sugar satisfies your sweet cravings, without going too overboard.

  • Bulgogi Rice Burger

Who said burgers have to be super unhealthy? This recipe of the bulgogi rice burger is going to raise your expectations of a regular burger. Substituting the bun patties with rice, the burger is filled with a bunch of bulgogi goodness. What more, this recipe is easy to make at home! Season the rice with sesame oil, salt, soy sauce and flatten into round shaped patties. Add lettuce, bulgogi, and kimchi (real Korean style), and enjoy your bulgogi rice burger!

  • Kimchi Tacos

What is Korean cuisine without kimchi? This classic fermented dish is eaten with almost everything, be it spaghetti or rice dishes. What if we tell you you can add kimchi to your tacos? Take your classic tacos, and add some flavourful kimchi, vegetables, and meat of your choice to treat your taste buds to something unique.

  • Kimchi Pizza

Building on our love for kimchi, did you know pizza and kimchi can be a brilliant pair? Pizza is that one popular bread dish we will sacrifice our diet for. This dish not only utilizes kimchi as a topping but takes it to a whole new level by adding just enough to the pizza sauce. Now, we have you something that is legit by all means!

  • Tteok-kkochi with Bacon

A layer of bacon can do wonders! The rice cake skewers (tteok-kkochi) are wrapped with a thick piece of bacon and topped with some sweet and spicy sauce. The crispiness of the bacon makes the dish all the more interesting. This popular street food is super inexpensive and easy to eat!

When it comes to food, let your imagination go wild. Don’t stop yourself from experimenting with different kinds of ingredients because who knows, you might just end up creating a masterpiece?

Have you tried these out yet? Tell us everything!

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Written by Sayantani Banerjee

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