Fall into Autumn with these Korean Drinks

Fall into Autumn with these Korean Drinks

As we bid the summer's refreshing drinks farewell, we welcome in the nice warm drinks the chilly autumn days bring. Fall is a season that’s notoriously known for wanting to cuddle up with a hot cup of deliciousness and enjoy watching the leaves change colors. Here are some Korean drinks that will help you better transition into the fall:

  • Sweet Potato Latte

Sweet potatoes are quite popular throughout Korea, so it's no wonder why there are drinks including it. A vegetable turned into a drink might sound weird. However, it’s the vegetables incredible sweetness and subtle savory flavor that makes this concoction work. Sweet potato lattes are a warm velvety smooth drink that will have you feeling warm and cozy all throughout the season!

  • Hot Pear Tea

A fruit known for being quite juicy and refreshing turned into a hot cup of tea might have you wondering how that works. Korean pears are usually in season during the fall months, making them readily available to just about anyone. A combination of sweet pears and spicy cinnamon will leave you wanting for another cup before you have the chance to finish the one you have.

  • Adlai Tea (Yulmucha)

Adlai tea, also known as yumulcha or walnut tea, is a very popular Korean tea. Consisting of roasted yulmu and walnuts, and best-served when hot, it’s the combination of these spices and grains that make it so popular. Whether it’s in little packets to be prepared at home, at a coffee shop, or in a vending machine, this is a drink that will follow you throughout the season.

  • Black Tea Latte

 Black tea lattes are the perfect solution for those who enjoy coffee and tea. Also known as a “London Fog,” the enticing name matches the drinks enticing flavor.  A blend of black tea, milk and foam will give you the perfect dose of caffeine to keep you going throughout your cold chilly day. 

  • Hot Grapefruit Tea

 Grapefruits are something anyone can enjoy whether it be hot or cold. However, this season feel refreshed with a warm cup of grapefruit tea. The fruits strong bitter flavor paired with the sweetness of honey creates a balance that will leave your taste buds wanting for more. 

Whether you prefer tea or coffee there’s something on this list to satisfy everybody’s preference. What drink will you choose to cuddle up with this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Briseida Rivera

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