Exploring the Fast Food Restaurants of Korea 🍟

Exploring the Fast Food Restaurants of Korea 🍟

I think it’s safe to say that we all tend to be quite guilty of having a cheat meal every now and then. Like when we’ve had a tough week and feel like we deserve some carb-filled delectables to sooth our frustrations, and that’s okay! They’re out there for us to enjoy, right?

But do you ever get sick of eating the same boring meal every time? A burger that’s flavour is now bland when you bite into it or a piece of chicken that no longer makes your tongue dance with spices; as if you’ve gone… numb to food? If this is the case then worry not, for this list is for you! We’re not here for gourmet meals! Some of Korea’s finest and most popular fast food restaurants are waiting at your service! Let's dive in and discover just a few of them:

Isaac Toast

Maybe you’ve heard or seen this mentioned before in some YouTube videos? That's because people think it’s amazing! You would think it impossible to make toast sound anything more than just edible, never mind taste absolutely delicious. They offer interests such as bacon toast, shrimp toast, bulgogi toast, and more. To sum them up, they’re basically burgers and sandwiches, but with toast! Nonetheless, they bring in customers from all over, so they must be doing something right. They’re scrumptious!


Coming from our good friends at Lotte, though not exclusive to Korea, this place is still worthy of the list! They sell your classic burgers and fries, and chicken, etc.; but it all tastes unique due to the company, of course, having their own variety of options. When you’re hungry for something different, this restaurant should satisfy those needs!

Nene Chicken

Maybe you’ve seen some familiar faces advertising for these guys before? Faces, such as NU’EST and SEVENTEEN, maybe? Well, everyone knows Korea does love its fried chicken, and who can blame them? The different flavours of all those spices and sauces that have been mixed together to prepare each piece of chicken, all dancing in your mouth, igniting a burst of flavour! Just looking at it makes your mouth water. May your cheat meals be boring no more!

Mom’s Touch

Named for the same kind of love put into each meal as your mother would put into your sandwiches when she made your packed lunches, this restaurant will not only resolve those burger cravings, but make you feel that warm feeling in your heart. Much like knowing the love of your mother. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic… Still, Mom’s Touch is a nice place to visit for those cheeky cravings, and they even sell some pleasant drinks, such as fruit smoothies and flavoured milkshakes, to satisfy that sweet tooth! No matter what you like, you’ll find something suited for you right here.


McDonald's is familiar, but before you leave, let us explain why the world-famous Maccies has made its way onto this list: Because it’s different. They don’t just sell the basic cheeseburger and fries, oh no. They sell them with a twist. How do fries with chocolate on them sound? Or maybe a burger with bulgogi also piled on there? It’s safe to say that eating here in Korea will definitely add that bit of change to your fast food meals!

So, when you next have that craving for fast food, and you’re in Korea, hopefully you’ll remember this list and it guides you to a whole new world of tastes and flavours!

Let us know if you’ve ever been to any of the listed restaurants, and what you thought of their food! We’d love to know!

Written by Nicole Simpkin

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