Exploring Hongdae

Exploring Hongdae

As most people know, South Korea has become a tourism hot spot. Mainly known for its K-beauty/skincare shopping, underground shopping, K-pop, and overall good food; South Korea is definitely a place to visit for anyone and everyone.

Specifically, Hongdae is known as the go-to for younger generations to hang out! It's super convenient to get to via Korea’s metro system—simply get off at Hongik University, and there you are, in the heart of the hustle and bustle. Here are a few must-see places in Hongdae!

  • Ader Error Flagship Store

Ader Error is a Korean contemporary streetwear brand which was founded in 2014 and has taken the international market by storm. This brand consists of strictly unisex clothing, and many K-pop idols have been spotted repping Ader Error - in case you are wanting to twin with your ultimate bias. The flagship store in Hongdae is an artsy, aesthetic showroom mixed with retail. 

It creates the experience of shopping inside an art installation. If clothing isn’t quite your speed, their entire basement level is dedicated to soaps!

  • Stylenanda Flagship Store

Stylenanda is a very popular Korean brand, focusing more on feminine and Korean-styled clothing. They carry varying styles including vintage, basics, shoes and other accessories. A section dedicated to 3CE is also inside the flagship store. 3CE is Stylenanda’s makeup/skincare brand, which is very popular amongst an international audience. 

On the top level is the iconic Pink Pool Cafe, which is perfect for some resting time after a tiring shopping spree around Hongdae. The Pink Pool Cafe offers the perfect pink and blue aesthetic for Instagram pictures and offers a range of drinks and sweet treats. The Stylenanda flagship store offers a clothing and a makeup shopping experience unlike any other.

  • Chuu Flagship Store

If you’re heading to the Stylenanda flagship store, make sure to also visit the Chuu flagship store, as the two shops are located directly opposite to one another! Chuu is a very girly and vintage-styled brand, and upon entry, you are guaranteed to be overwhelmed with an alarming amount of pink. From pink clothing, pink accessories, pink shoes and pink changing rooms; Chuu really has all the pink from your wildest dreams. Similar to the other flagship stores in Hongdae, Chuu is littered with Instagram opportunities.

  • Street Performances

Hongdae on a weekend has a completely different atmosphere and buzz to it when compared to weekdays. On the weekend, crowds of young locals come to eat, hang out and shop. Most notably, street performances take place on weekends, and we're not talking mediocre singing and playing the guitar. Street performers will often either sing or cover K-pop dances, and their talent and skill is definitely a sight to see. Especially for K-pop fans, Hongdae street performances are 100% a must-see.

  • Blackpink House

Blackpink House was BLACKPINK’s reality TV show featuring their everyday lives. This internationally-loved K-pop girl group stayed in a house on the busy streets in Hongdae for the duration of filming. While visitors are not allowed to go into the house, this is definitely a destination for visiting Blinks.

Hongdae is filled with things to see and experience and if you are visiting South Korea, it surely is the place to be!

Have you been to Hongdae? Where in Hongdae would you like to go the most? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Stephanie Leung

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