Drink some Milk with LINE FRIENDS!

Drink some Milk with LINE FRIENDS!

Do you like milk? Do you like the super-duper cute LINE FRIENDS characters? Well, we’ve got some news for you! LINE FRIENDS has a collaboration with Milk Cure, a convenience store milk brand, to give you just what you’ve needed. You can drink some milk with LINE FRIENDS x Milk Cure by grabbing one of these cute bottles available at any Korean convenience store, GS25.

The packaging starts off looking like a bowling pin. At the top of the bowling ball packaging is a randomly chosen LINE FRIENDS character figurine. The drinks contain 270 mL of milk that comes in three different flavors: cherry, vanilla, or chocolate; and coordinates with the color of the packaging. The Cony packaged milk is cherry, the Sally packaged milk is vanilla milk, and the Brown packaged milk is chocolate. Each bottle sells for about 2,000 won.

Not only is the packaging of the container adorable, but the figurines are even cuter! The concept is similar to a mystery box. With each purchase of LINE FRIENDS x Milk Cure bottle, you will draw one out of six of the collectible LINE FRIENDS figurines: Brown holding a heart, Cony holding a heart, Choco holding a heart, Sally wearing a heart hat, and the connecting figurines - Brown and Cony each holding a half of a heart to form a complete one when put together. All six are so cute, don’t you want to collect them all?

#유어스 라인프렌즈 #밀큐어 이벤트🎁 당첨자를 발표하겠습니다! ❣️ - 많은 분들의 관심과 참여 감사드립니다🙂 브라운❤️코니 커플 머그컵 세트에 당첨되신 행운의 5분을 공개합니다! - 1. @jeongkail 2. @gorgeousariel0816 3. @001.12.26 4. @jini.35 5. @zangpeach - 당첨되신 분들은 4/18까지 아래 내용을 다이렉트 메세지로 보내주세요! ▪️이벤트명 : 라인프렌즈밀큐어 이벤트 ▪️이름(실명) ▪️휴대폰번호 ▪️경품을 받으실 주소지 ▪️개인정보 활용 동의 내용 - 개인정보 취합 기간이 지나도 메세지를 주시지 않을 경우 당첨이 자동 취소 됩니다. - 개인정보는 경품제공에만 활용되며, 경품 발송 후 안전하게 삭제됩니다! - #가까운행복을만나다 #GS25 #이벤트

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If you have a GS25 store near you, go and pick up a bottle of the LINE FRIENDS x Milk Cure milk!

For 2,000 won, the LINE FRIENDS x Milk Cure collaboration grants you some tasty milk and cute figurines, so go drink some milk with LINE FRIENDS!

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