DPR Live Inspired Cocktails

DPR Live Inspired Cocktails

Imagine yourself at home, relaxing to a playlist full of DPR Live’s music in honor of the DPR Live: Coming To You Live World Tour. Emotions stir, your heart fills with adoration; everything is perfect except now, you’re craving a drink after listening to “Cheese & Wine.” Don’t fret, here’s a list of drinks you’ll be dying to try the next time you feel a “Thirst.” Please drink responsibly!

    To start off our list, “Playlist” gives off a very fun and tropical vibe. With fun drum beats and a nice rap verse, why not sit back and relax with a tangy drink? Quench your thirst with a Tequila Sunrise! Not only will this give your heart a sun-kissed glow, but it’ll also feed your soul with happiness and relaxation. Pop open your umbrellas; it’s summer in October.

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With a sunrise at the end of a day, you’ll want to look at the stars with your significant other. Why not share the night sky and a cocktail inspired by the sweet lyrics of “Action!”? The Sabbath is a great coffee flavored cocktail that’ll remind you of the sweetness inside this song’s first verse. You’ll be admiring the way your S.O. “make(s) that coffee look sweet as hell.”

A beautiful night full of stellar thoughts and dreams just begins with this next cocktail. While listening to “Laputa,” try a Galaxy cocktail to remind you of the beautiful scenery in the music video. Not only will you feel out of this world, but you’ll be able to spot the constellations all throughout the night.

As the stars shine in your partner’s eyes, after beginning to settle into the darkness of the night, have a sip of a Strawberry Daiquiri. Your cheeks will blush from all the strawberry kisses filling your soul. Don’t be afraid to settle down and doze off into your deepest strawberry thoughts.  

To end the night, relax with a Red Wine Spritzer inspired by “Cheese & Wine.” This cocktail will leave a feeling of calming summer nights. It’s the perfect end for a night of drinks as  you to relax and recall DPR Live’s greatest hits.

Cover Image: DPR Live (Dream Perfect Regime)

Written by Rebeca A.

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