Dore Dorè 🌈

Dore Dorè 🌈

Cafe culture has grown in popularity in Korea, since most people go out to meet with friends, rather than go to each other’s houses, having many unique options to choose from makes each outing special. These unique cafes also get many tourists coming to visit, adding to the demand.

Dore Dorè Art Village opened in 2006 and is located in Garosu-Gil, Seoul. Dore Dore is a French word meaning “golden,” and this cafe has taken that as their brand in hopes of filling their visitors with experience and life of golden charm and warmth!

The atmosphere of the cafe is very cute and sweet. When walking through the door you are greeted with a display of beautifully decorated cakes, making your mouth water and stomach grumble at the sight!

Having a slice of rainbow cake seems to be on everyone’s list when visiting Dore Dorè! Being able to taste all six colors of the rainbow and getting that aesthetically pleasing picture is an added bonus!

There are four floors to this cafe, each with a different color scheme making each visit different, and making each picture Instagram-ready!

If you want to have a more sophisticated atmosphere, there is a floor with more dark colors, giving off a mature look and mood for your visit.

Or you may be in a happy mood and want to be surrounded by soft and light colors.

Dore Dorè uses soft and bright colors to live up to their brand of “golden” and hopes to improve the mood of their customers. The colors you surround yourself with can affect your mood, whether it be the walls, furniture or food.

If you find yourself in Garosu-Gil, but don’t have enough time to sit and enjoy a slice of cake, you can always take some to go!

Dore Dorè is a lovely cafe that puts in a lot of hard work and effort to make their visitors feel welcome and at home. The decor is inviting and the desserts definitely make your stay and enjoy your time! It’s not far from Gangnam, so if you're in the area and looking for another cafe to visit, why not give Dore Dorè a try?

Written by Ashton Carson

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