Donuts Floating on Coffee 🍩

Donuts Floating on Coffee 🍩

Do you have a love for donuts? Or a love for taking aesthetically-pleasing pictures? Well, you’re in luck! Old Ferry Donut is known as one of the best and most popular donut shops, located in Hannam-Dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. It’s on the second floor of a new modern officetel, and will require a little bit of walking, but worth it!

At Old Ferry Donut, the most popular item on their menu is the tube latte, a cup of coffee with a mini donut on top of it! It is known to be very sweet, so if that’s not for you, you can simply have a coffee and a donut of your choosing!

It is also recommended you eat the donut after your picture for Instagram or else it will get all soggy. The best way is to scoop it out with a spoon (or fork)!

These donuts are handmade every day, which makes them taste even better, and makes all those stairs completely worth it!

They offer a sample box that contains nine mini donuts with flavors of your choosing.

And you can enjoy large-sized donuts as well! Enjoy a matcha donut with matcha filling, and your ice coffee to compliment the flavor!

Prefer something a little less sweet? Try their tiramisu donut!

How about a traditional raspberry-filled donut? A favorite among those who visit!

Perhaps a coconut glazed donut with coconut creme filling? Perfect for summer!

A creamy peanut butter-filled donut with glaze and crushed peanuts on top would go perfectly with a cup of coffee!

Want something sweet and will put you in an autumn mood? Then, try the cinnamon-glazed donut with apple filling! It’s been said to taste great with an iced Americano.

Those with a sweet tooth would love the creme brulee-glazed donut with creme filling!

Old Ferry Donut is also the perfect place to celebrate a birthday with their jumbo donut! A delightful alternative to cake! The shop is also pet-friendly since it has an outside area; a perfect rest stop for you and your furry friend!

If you find yourself in Seoul, you need to stop by this donut shop and have a taste test for yourself! It’ll be perfect to please your taste buds and your Instagram feed!

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Written by Ashton Carson

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