DKB's Fresh Debut!

DKB's Fresh Debut!

Swag, chic, and powerful. These are words used to describe the newly-debuted group, DKB! DKB is a nine-member group under BRAVE Entertainment, the same company that manages Samuel and Brave Girls. The group consists of E-Chan, Teo, D-1, GK, Heechan, Lune, Junseo, Yuku, and Harry June. The group made their debut on February 3 with the song “Sorry Mama” and mini album, Youth.

Youth consists of five songs with “Sorry Mama” as the title track. The music video has garnered 230,000 views since its release, featuring three minutes worth of visuals, great choreography, amazing sets, and members full of charisma! DKB will surely entice you with their charm! “Sorry Mama” has a hip-hop EDM vibe to it with compelling beats that compliment the overall feel of the song. The sharp rap verses, together with rich vocals, make the group a competitive rookie of the year! You’ll surely be singing “Mianhe Eomma!” by the end of the song. 

The four other songs in the album include: “Youth,” a song with an upbeat hip-hop tempo that will surely make you dance; “Go Up,” which has more of a playful and fun vibe in contrast to the impressions the other songs bring; “Elevator” a more upbeat song that emphasizes colorful vocals; and “Samsung,” a song with a hip-hop vibe that showcases the group’s energetic rap line. 

The group’s first mini album is available to be streamed on iTunes and Spotify. DKB also premiered their debut showcase and stage on M COUNTDOWN, which was well-received by their fans. Don’t miss the chance to hear the new and fresh vibe the group brings! 

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Cover Image: DKB (BRAVE Entertainment)
Written by Frances Eusebio

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