Cool Down this Summer with GOT7 🍧

Cool Down this Summer with GOT7 🍧

Many of us have excitedly joined the Hallyu wave, but few are prepared for upcoming heat waves this summer. Some find interesting ways to beat the heat by moving as little as possible, dousing themselves with a water hose, and even basking in a refrigerator.

While others are running for cover from the sun's beating rays, we’ve compiled a list of delicious ways to cool down this summer. With the help of K-pop sensation GOT7, their sweet personalities can be likened to even sweeter treats to enjoy on a sweltering hot day.  

1.) JB

As the mature leader of GOT7, JB is known for his mysterious “tough guy” persona. He has also gained significant attention for his fierce visuals making him a heartthrob to fans all over, including those of other fandoms. However, Ahgases know him best as “Meme-bum,” a supportive caring leader with a silly childlike center known for joining in on pranks, exaggerated dance moves, and meme-worthy facial expressions.

How he is perceived from the outside is significantly different from who he is at heart thus making the JAWS bar his perfect pairing. The JAWS bar is a classic ice cream bar favored among children in Korea. Its grey hard outer shell with teeth imprints, mimicking its vicious mascot, surprises tasters when they take a bite and taste a less frightening, fun, refreshing fruit flavor.

2.) Mark

Though GOT7 is known as a rambunctious, high-energy group, their eldest member is surprisingly the opposite. As the quietest member, Mark is one who other members can count on to be a source of calm after a busy week of touring, recording, and performing. His introverted tendencies add to the perfect yin and yang dynamics of this years’ Golden Disk Awards Bonsang winner GOT7. If you have seen them in concert, it is difficult to even imagine Mark as shy, considering his suave confidence when he raps. Although, it can hardly be heard over fangirls screaming in joyful excitement.

Bingsu may seem simple as it is just shaved ice, but once you let your inner child run free, there is a realm of toppings to choose from. You can add fruit, marshmallows, cookies, nuts, or just however many toppings you can pack into a bowl. Bingsu is a favorite among tourists and natives of Korea for its flavorful variations in toppings and melt-in-your-mouth texture, like snow! Although the toppings are exciting, it’s the simplest ingredient—the ice—that makes bingsu so addictive and refreshing. Similar to Mark, his silent charm makes him who he is as a cherished member for his role in co-writing many of GOT7’s songs, his sweet fan interactions, and his on-stage flare is just the cherry on top.

3.) Jackson

Lead rapper, fencer, hidden vocalist, and polyglot extraordinaire only touches the surface of Jackson Wang’s eccentric personality. The China native has won over hearts all over the globe with his multifaceted linguistic abilities attracting international appeal. Due to his adorable visuals and his hyper-bubbly nature, he is also known as “Wang Puppy.” More than anything else, he is best known as the jokester of GOT7, always able to make his members and hosts of variety shows cry out in laughter. His bright personality awards him an icy treat that reflects the one-of-a-kind person that Jackson is.

His firecracker-like bold personality makes the shooting star ice cream pop fitting with its unique twist. The name in itself pays homage to Jackson’s glowing career path as a star you can’t help but love. This pop comes in a variety of flavors, such as chocolate, mint, and the best of all, a soda flavor. Its selling point is the unexpected popping candy bits in each bite fizzing in your mouth, emphasizing its delectable soda flavor.

4.) Jinyoung

His onstage energy screams charisma, power, and soul; but offstage, Jinyoung is simply a motherly caretaker figure for GOT7. As such, he is often seen as strict and mature which leads to comical “Tom and Jerry” like rifts between him and youngest member Yugyeom. His snarkiness has also gotten him into trouble with fans by his infamous flinging finger heart tease. However, many have noted his hot and cold attitude to be his charming point in that it reflects his honesty and sincerity, making him a loyal friend and bias. Aside from being a main vocalist with a vocal range out of this world, his allure has also landed him several acting opportunities in K-dramas since 2013, but most-notably from his recent role in He is A Psychometric as lead character Lee Ahn.

Known to be the member always sporting business casual attire even during a night out with friends, scores Jinyoung an ice cream just as sophisticated as himself. Makgeolli is a Korean wine brewed from rice that received a total makeover into a creamy fluffy sorbet like ice cream. This treat is light in consistency but bold in its sweet refreshing flavor and subtle sour notes (much like our sweet and sour Jinyoung), perfect for reclining under the shade on a hot day.

5.) Youngjae

Youngjae can be recognized even before entering a room by his contagious belly laugh that is even funnier than the joke itself. In a fan’s video highlighting 26 reasons why they love Youngjae, a commenter mentioned “this is only 26 out of a thousand reasons why I love him.” He has certainly grabbed the attention of fans as the “sunshine” of GOT7, always radiating positive energy and putting smiles on the faces of fans even thousands of miles away. Though he is known as a goofy member of the maknae line, his vocals and lyrical abilities are no laughing matter. His hearty voice in “I’m All Ears,” a ballad reassuring listeners they are not alone in the face of difficulties further emphasized the love ahgases have for their sunshine.

The Melona popsicle is much like Youngjae in its ability to light up a person’s eyes and be a source of refreshment to masses. Its top-rated flavor has all any ice cream connoisseur could ever want with a creamy texture, sweet honeydew melon flavor, and a bright, refreshing aroma to lift anyone’s spirit.

6.) BamBam

As one half of the subgroup duo Young and Rich, BamBam’s striking fame in Thailand has awarded him spreads in the popular Thai magazine Sudsapda, partnerships with top brands, and even a solo fan meeting tour. Although he is second to the youngest member, his fashion expertise is beyond his years exuding lavishness. However, at the end of the day, he is just a twenty-two-year-old who loves annoying his older members and entertaining his fans with his infamous dab and bottle flipping tricks.

BamBam’s constant excitement and peculiar personality has initiated many friendships with members of many other K-pop groups. Soft-serve ice cream also attracts many different people to it across the globe with its simplicity fit for any palate. However, an ordinary soft-serve is not enough. How about an ice cream that fittingly represents his tall model-esque physique and his tendency to be member that is always “doing the most?” This cone is piled high with a foot and a half (thirty-two centimeters) of soft-serve goodness, fulfilling any child’s dream of unending ice cream.

7.) Yugyeom

As the youngest member of GOT7, Yugyeom looks friendly and huggable—almost like a baby. But don’t let those round cheeks and doe eyes fool you. Yugyeom is making a name for himself as the member most likely to body roll at concerts and variety shows. His incredible dance skills awarded him first place on the final episode of Hit the Stage, a competition judging a dancer’s agility, creativity and stage presence. This dancing machine is no stranger to mixing things up when choreographing exciting rhythmic dances on Instagram and freestyling to smooth seductive hits.

With squishable cheeks like soft mochi, many find Yugyeom adorable but are in for a surprise when they witness his duality on stage. Similarly, when someone tries mochi ice cream for the first time the consistency shocks them. A cold ice cream filling is not expected to accompany a chewy doughy outer shell. Nonetheless, this dessert is taking over America for its unconventional yummy taste, including a variety of flavors ranging from french vanilla to red bean, and everything in between!

While the summer can be exhaustingly hot, let your GOT7 bias decide which delectable dessert to cool down with and make this summer an exciting one.

Who’s your bias? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: GOT7 (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Serena Jackson

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