Chimac: Chicken and Beer Festival in Daegu

Chimac: Chicken and Beer Festival in Daegu

Finally, the days are long, warm and inviting to go outside to be with your family and friends, or just enjoy the weather by yourself as the gentle summer breeze tickles your skin. In South Korea, there are plenty of things you can do to spend your time well in the summer and there is no surprise that the most fun activities include food. Ever heard of chimaek (치맥)? It is a combination of two Korean words, chicken (치킨) and beer (맥주), and it is one of the most loved foods and drink choices when eating out. This combination of fried chicken and beer is so popular, it even has its own festival in Daegu called Chimac. Let’s see what this fun festival has to offer!

Chimac started in 2012, earning more and more visitors each year. Usually organized in July at a grassy field in Duryu Park, the festival offers a selection of various fried chicken and beer brands participating in the event, as well as K-pop concerts, DJ parties, and other cultural and musical performances to entertain people at the venue. Many young people love this festival, as it lasts a few days and requires quite the passion for fried chicken and loud, energetic music filling the area.

Chimaek has captured many people’s hearts for being great comfort food, a beloved companion during friends’ night outs as well as for being affordable and accessible in almost every corner in the cities of South Korea. Many celebrities—actors, singers and other artists—have promoted the brands that claim chicken and beer as their specialty, and this food culture is often intertwined within the stories of popular Korean dramas, such as My Love From The Star, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, Goblin.

As mentioned before, there is plenty of fried chicken to choose from. Do you like your chicken to be sticky, sweet and spicy? Maybe you would rather eat a crispy wing and choose the best sauce on the side to go with the meal? Of course, let’s not forget some side dishes that would compliment this wonderful feast. After you have filled your stomach with delicious, mouth-watering foods, you can also enjoy some fireworks at the end.

Anyone who wants to have fun and share some good energy with other people can join this joyous festivity, as long as they make sure to eat and drink responsibly! Would you like to experience the Chimac Festival? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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