Celebrity Snackers

Celebrity Snackers

Korea’s biggest names in media team up with the biggest names in snacks!

With the large variety of foods and drinks the world of Korean snacks possesses, there’s no wondering why it appeals to almost everyone! This, of course, includes celebrities as well! In fact, many celebrities have even gone as far as to advertise many snacks. With that being said, here are just a couple of idol and snack partnerships that truly display the wide appeal of tasty treats.

EXO-K and Pepero

(Members Shown Left To Right: Baekhyun, Sehun, and Chanyeol)

Even the boys in EXO-K can’t resist these delicious biscuit sticks!

iKON and Pepsi

(Members Shown Left to Right: Ju-ne and Donghyuk)

The members of iKON not only create pop with their songs, but they know how to make popping advertisements for Pepsi as well!

Wanna One and Ghana

(Members Pictured Left to Right: Daehwi, Jin Young, Kang Daniel, Seongwoo, Minhyun)

Wanna One’s advertisements for this delectable chocolate are so appealing that by end, you might just Wanna One.


Member Shown: Jisoo

The four members of BLACKPINK showcased their own sparkle in their commercials advertising the sparkling water.

Bigbang’s TOP and Cass Beer

Black o white? I choose tabi:) Hahaha #choiseunghyun #seunghyun #tabi #bigbang #cassbeer

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This rapper for Bigbang made several commercials showcasing this classic of Korean beers.

As these advertisements show, the world of snacks extends far beyond regular people. Even some of the biggest idols enjoy the same snacks that their fans do. How does your snack taste compare to your favorite idols’?

Cover Image: Pepsi; iKON (YG Entertainment)

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