BTS-Inspired Halloween Costumes

BTS-Inspired Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again... Spoopy season! The time when not only do we put on our favourite creepy movies, play spooky music, and eat too many sweets and pumpkin-spiced flavoured treats, but we get to dress up.

For many of us, Halloween is the time when we finally get to dress however we want, be whoever want, and just have a good time.

Now, if you have waited until the last minute and don’t know exactly what you’re going to do for a costume come October 31, don’t worry.

Let’s take some inspiration from one of our favourite K-pop groups.

BTS has provided us with a great source of inspirations throughout the years-- from music videos to sketches to dance practices.

Not only does this group have a great sense of style on the daily but they are also known for their dramatics, comedy, and overall “extra-ness.” Taking this all into account, here are 10 BTS-inspired Halloween costume ideas.

1.     V in “Singularity” MV

This is what immediately came to mind when I thought BTS and Halloween. Ever since “Singularity” first came out, the image of V covered by the colourfully lit mask with the Gucci “Loved” earring forever remained in my thoughts for a “costume” I wanted to recreate. It is also a very simple costume to put together. First of all, just get any plastic plain white mask and paint it a little to mimic the lighting from the music video. Additionally, you can make the “Loved” earring, but a lot of people sell an imitation of it online for very cheap. Concerning clothing, V wore an all-black outfit which included a long flowy black jacket, black button-up with grey stripes, and black slacks.

This is a good tutorial for making the mask and earring.

2.     “Black-Hooded Character”

This character is known for appearing in the teasers and music videos for “Fake Love” and in the Comeback performance of “Fake Love.” This is a very simple costume to make as you can just go out, get any black hooded cloak and white mask from a store and the mission is accomplished. You can also be extra detail-oriented and decorate the hood so it looks exactly like the one in the music videos. Also, a couple online stores sell black hooded capes with the BTS logo on the back.

Also, you might potentially have the same Halloween costume as RJ.

3.     Any character from “House of ARMY”

A classic entertainment for ARMY fans as BigHit gave us a video of the boys basically parodying us, the fans. Each boy dressed up as a character-- some especially more humorous than others. Either way, it presents some recognizable costumes as options. May I suggest a certain Worldwide Handsome Banana?

Some costumes such as the banana or the puppy can be bought from stores that sell Halloween costumes, but costumes for the characters of mom and daughter are best to be put together by items you have already or bought from a clothing or thrift store.

4.     “Dope” MV

The “Dope” music video isn’t just one of the best BTS music videos-- great song, creative editing, and shots, but it also gave us a lot of very iconic looks for BTS. Each member is dressed up to represent a different occupation. The outfit choices vary from a detective to a racecar driver, providing lots of different options. Some of the outfits are easy to piece together from items you can find at a thrift store or just any store that sells Halloween costumes since some of the outfits are very common choices for Halloween costumes-- i.e., police officer.

5.     BT21 characters

Ever since the creation of the BT21 characters from BTS' and Line’s collaboration, fans have not been able to get enough of these cute, charming characters! They are the perfect inspiration for an adorable and warm costume for the chilly autumn season! There are lots of creative ways to go about dressing up as a BT21 character. You can be ambitious and attempt to mimic the various BT21 costumes that the boys have worn in the past or you can get creative and find other ways to be the characters. An example of an easy and simple costume for a character is for Chimmy. You can wear a bright yellow hoodie, attach homemade felt black dog ears to the hood, and then add a little black nose to yourself with even just black eyeliner! And of course, you can also buy BT21 merch like the hoodies or character headbands to accessorize it like the boys did during their “Anpanman” performance at Prom Party FESTA this year.

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6.    Flower

Once upon a time, J-Hope wore some huge pink flower hat-thing during a V-Live and it has been a popular meme in the ARMY community ever since. Jin also wore the same flower costume in “House of ARMY.” Like the last suggestion, this is another one in which you can be as creative you as like or buy similar items. Some shops and websites sell similar items as to what they wore, but you can also make a fun DIY project with foam board in which you attempt to recreate it.

7.     ARMY Bomb

This will require creativity and work as a DIY project. One option is that can be a small ARMY Bomb which requires a clear Christmas ornament and black headband. I recommend glueing them together, adding a red bead with something black (tape, paper, etc.) around it to the top of the ornament and writing “BTS” in silver on the Christmas ball. For extra fun, add some small colourful LED lights inside the ball. The rest of your outfit can be representative of the stick-- just wear black.

Or you could do this…

8.     Any iconic MV outfits

Although we mentioned a couple music videos specifically already, there are still lots of inspiration you can take from BTS’s music videos. There are various iconic outfits that you can emulate in each video. You can attempt a colourful and sporty outfit like in “DNA,” wear a Hawaiian shirt with black skinny jeans like in “Fire,” or any of the cool and fun outfits from “IDOL.” This is a costume idea that can be really good for last-minute. It can be accomplished by using items already owned, going to thrift store or mall.

There are also lots of good YouTube videos for “BTS-inspired outfits” for more ideas.

9.     Any costume BTS has worn previously for Halloween

ARMY always looks forward to Halloween for more reason than just the fun of dressing up and eating too much candy. It is also because BTS releases dance practice videos in which they dance the choreography to one of their songs but dressed up in Halloween costume! Having done it for a few years now, there are lots of costume ideas to be found here-- from your favourite anime and film characters to a cowboy, bunny, and a… cabbage? There’s definitely a costume for you here somewhere! Some of the costumes worn can easily be put together by items you already own, but most can be bought already from in stores or online.

Or you could take some pointers from BT21…


Take a little inspiration from our buddy Byron and be a new generation Anpanman this Halloween! While everyone else is wearing a cowl or an “S” on their chest, you can be a bean-jam filled pastry. There is a few ways you can be this superhero. Buy a mask from online (i.e., Amazon) or make your own mask and put together clothing inspired by his costume. You can also DIY an Anpanman shirt by printing and ironing his smiley-face logo onto a red T-shirt! But whatever you do, don’t forget your cape!

I hope that you are able to pull together a fun costume that you’re proud of! Don’t forget to stay safe and eat lots of snacks and candy!

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