Bloom into Spring in K-Drama Style!

Bloom into Spring in K-Drama Style!

We can all agree that we're ready for this long winter to be over. Even though we loved staying inside, watching K-dramas while wrapped in our soft blankets, we are so ready for spring. We can already feel the warm sun rays hitting our face, the temperature slowly rising, and the smell of freshly-bloomed flowers. But flowers shouldn’t be the only thing that bloom in spring!

After a bit of time watching K-dramas, we found some styles that will be perfect for your new spring closet. Perhaps you’ll find a new style and show to watch!

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Oh, how we would love to be in Eunwoo’s arms too. My ID is Gangnam Beauty tells us the story of Kang Mi-rae (New Tales of Gisaeng's Im Soo-hyang), a girl who undergoes cosmetic surgery to make herself less insecure, but the plan backfires after she gets bullied for it. Thankfully, she meets a new classmate named Do Kyung‑seok, played by ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo, who helps her gain the confidence she needs. 

We fell in love with the story, but we fell even more in love with the outfits worn by Kang Mi-rae, especially her jean dress and T-shirt ensemble. Jean dresses are a versatile piece of clothing you will want in your closet. They pair well with everything from T-shirts to more formal blouses while still making you look casual and comfortable.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has three things we love: Park Hyung-sik (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth), a strong female lead, and amazing outfits inspiration. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon follows the story of Do Bong-soon, a girl who was born with superhuman strength. She works as the bodyguard for An Min-hyuk (Hyung-sik), the CEO of a gaming company. 

One of the best things about this drama were the beautiful outfits Bong-soon wears. Patterned dresses are coming back in the best time possible, and for good reason! They give you a professional look while still keeping you fresh on those warm spring days. You can pair them with cute hair accessories and flats, or tennis shoes!

Be sure to watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon on Netflix and the Viki app!

Memories of the Alhambra

Memories of the Alhambra! What can we say about this show? It's perfect for those who love video games and love stories. It follows the story of an AR Game set in the medieval battles in Alhambra. Yoo Jin-woo, played by
Crash Landing on You's Hyun Bin, is the CEO of an investment company sent to Granada, Spain to find Jung Se-joo, played by EXO's Chanyeol.  While on his journey, he meets Se-joo's sister, Jung Hee-joo (Park Shin-hye), who owns the hostel where he stays and is a former guitarist. The fact that this takes place in Spain, unlike most K-dramas, gives us the chance to see a different style. 

Hee-joo's beautiful, breezy outfits captured our attention throughout the series. Solid colors are a huge style addition to your spring closet, especially pastel colors such as pinks, yellows, and blues. You'll look cute when you go out with friends; even flowers will envy you because you look so good!

Be sure to watch Memories of The Alhambra on Netflix!


Abyss is the love story you didn't know you needed. It tells the story of Cha Min (Dr. Romantic 2's Ahn Hyo-Seop) and Go Se-Yeon, who are brought back to life after untimely deaths with a device called "Abyss." The thing is, the pair comes back in bodies they don't recognize! They must try to solve a case and find out how exactly it is that Abyss works, but it won’t be that easy when no one recognizes them.

One thing we can recognize is the amazing style these characters had! Even though they had to look kind of formal, they did it in style. Se-Yeon and Cha Min always wore amazing blazers, which honestly made us want to get ten! Blazers are a good choice for your spring closet as you can match them with pants, jeans, and skirts. There are different styles and colors, and even sets, so you can wear them year round.

Make sure to watch Abyss on Netflix!

Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna was the one K-drama we had to stop ourselves from watching in one go. It tells us the story of the Hotel del Luna, a hotel located in Seoul, where its only guests are ghosts. The hotel is run by the beautiful, but ill-tempered, CEO Jang Man-wol, who can also be recognized as K-pop idol IU. She has managed the hotel due to an unforgivable sin she committed a millennium ago. Along the way she meets Koo Chan-sung, played by actor Yeo Jin-goo of Moon Embracing The Sun, whose father makes a deal for his son to work for her for twenty years. In return, she must give him his life and money back. 

We came for the story, but stayed for the amazing style shown by IU! In particular, we fell in love with the multiple statement pieces she wore throughout the series. From hats, sunglasses, and  long, intricate earrings, they truly made her already gorgeous outfits even more beautiful. Accesories are a MUST in your closet! You can always choose from the pearl hair pins, small sunglasses, unique earrings and many more. They are extremely helpful when you feel that your outfit is missing that something!

With so many choices and so many dramas to watch, this spring is sure to be an amazing one! Remember that spring is a time to let yourself bloom and try new things. Tell us in the comments below which was your favorite style and if there's one you would add to the list! 

Cover Image: Abyss (tvN)
Written by Helena Diaz

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