Advice for Guys: What NOT to Get for Girls on White Day

Advice for Guys: What NOT to Get for Girls on White Day

Oppas, take heed. The women have spoken.

Happy White Day, SnackFever family! (✿ ♥‿♥) For those of you unfamiliar with the Korean holiday (it's not just another day of romance), here's a crash course. On Valentine's Day, February 14, Korean girls present chocolate gifts to guys out of ❤️ love ❤️ or just courtesy. One month later, on White Day, the guys are expected to return the favor, usually with hard candies and flowers for their sweetie. For those with a girlfriend, they usually do a bit more -- date night, plus a nice gift!

White Day date

But guys should take heed: These gifts should take a little bit of thought and effort! A recent survey asked female South Korean college students which gifts they would NOT want to receive on White Day. Their responses are refreshingly honest...mostly in a good way! 😆

1. Expensive, large baskets of candy (31.8%)

The candies should both look and taste good! White Day 13

2. Useless, pointless origami, such as paper cranes (18.1%)

Unless the girl loves arts & crafts, maybe you should forget about painstakingly folding bits of paper to save your time and sanity. White Day 14

3. Having nothing prepared, and asking the girl, "What would you like to have for White Day?" (16.4%)

But I'm being thoughtful! No. Just don't.

White Day 3

4. Receiving a gift from someone they have no interest in (9.8%)

Sigh. Unreciprocated could happen. But you'll never know if you don't try!

White Day 12

5. Oversized teddy bears that are difficult to do anything with (7.6%)

They are only good for Instagram photos and collecting dust.

6. Expensive luxury items, like handbags (6.2%)

Time and effort =/= emptying your wallet.

7. Plain gift cards (2.8%)

If you're going to settle for a gift card, at the very least select one that has the relevant holiday theme! >.<

8. Flower bouquets that only feel good when you receive them (2.3%)

LOL. We still think flowers are nice! White Day 8

9. Poorly handwritten letters/cards (1.8 %)

Poor penmanship and tacky materials aren't a good combination. Consider accepting your limits and buying a nice card.

10. Cheesy, overly-sentimental messages (1.7%)

Roses are red, violets are blue. They need sunlight to live, and I need you. White Day 5 ~~ Among the girls who responded, 80% (!!!) said they had received gifts in the past that they didn't want. 40% of these girls said they faked their enthusiasm upon receiving the unwanted gifts. Others (11.7%) said that even though they didn't say anything, their disappointment may have shown up on their face! White Day 7

Still, 21% of the girls said that they were still appreciative of the thought and effort. There you go, guys! Of the 400 male college students who were surveyed, nearly half said they were preparing White Day gifts...and half of them said that they were preparing candy and chocolates. 😲 Hopefully, the girls won't mind the gift as much as appreciate the gesture! White Day 9

Other guys said that they were going to present flowers (16.7%), handwritten letters (7%), and watches/rings/other accessories (7 %). In terms of a White Day date, 41% of guys and 44% of girls said that depending on where they went, guys should pay for the food, 🍽 while girls cover the coffee. ☕ Around 28 percent of both guys and girls said that the cost should be split equally. We hope that was valuable information! Let us know how YOU spent your White Day, and be sure to tag us and use #WhiteDay and #화이트데이!

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