8 K-Pop Songs for Your Springtime Feels

8 K-Pop Songs for Your Springtime Feels

Spring is a bittersweet season that signifies change and renewal. Change can either be positive or negative. It could be letting go after a break-up or finding a new piece of yourself. So, here are some new K-pop songs. Hopefully, you can find a new spring cleaning song or one for those rough days. Either way, let's go!


These songs all talk about how hard it is ending relationships. Some are very relatable if you have ever experienced a break-up, and along with their lyrics, it’s the perfect recipe for a cathartic cry. Let it all out, spring is the season for healing.  

Epik High (feat. Crush) - "Lovedrunk"

The music video for this song features Miss IU fighting! The lyrics are about the lingering feelings you might have for your ex, and how painful the process of letting go can be. The editing for the music video is also fantastic as the black and white filter highlights the intense emotions these actors are portraying.

“Maybe while I was erasing you
I erased myself
The moon is cold
Alcohol tastes sweet today
I shouldn’t be doing this
I’m trying to erase you”

A very dark song about drinking away the pain of heartbreak. Epik High found a way to paint a dark version of spring, one where the frost is still there and it feels just a little bit too cold.

N.Flying - "Rooftop"

This song is about longing for someone, but they are holding back. They are wandering aimlessly and you leave because in the end you weren’t meant to be. The lyrics speak for themselves:

“You pull my hand to see the stars.
We sit on the rooftop in sunset glow.
Every time I look up in the sky,
there's no star.
It's OK, you are my universe. Shine brightly for me.
I went out to find you who looked just like me.
Even if I tried to pull you.”

Along with there bittersweet melody and longing vocals. It’s a song that symbolizes change. Change that will bring pain but is ultimately for the better. This song also got N.Flying there first win since their debut in 2013. They’re quite the hot potatoes.

Park Bom (ft. Sandara Park) - "Spring"

Appropriately named for this article, Park Bom wonders when spring will come to her. In her song, she expresses that she is feeling a lot of pain, but despite that, she knows she will see the flowers again.

“Spring will be there for me
Beautiful flowers
When this cold wind passes
When my heart melts down
Spring again
Will spring come to my heart again”

Park Bom is a force to be reckoned with as shown by her powerful voice. Her message of no winter lasting forever is a wonderful way to start off this season.

Punch - "Heart"

The music video is heart-wrenching! You might want a full drama to be made because it will leave you craving more of this couple. Punch’s song of longing and wishing also shows the change from winter to spring. At the beginning, the speaker says that she wishes for only the good memories to stay.

“Listen to the song we've been listening to.
I hear your voice.
A smile that was as warm as the sunshine
In my heart
When spring comes, I will become a flower.
I'll be a star at night.
Leave me in your heart”

Along with the gritty filter, and soft vocals. This will probably get a tear or two out of you.


Spring isn’t always doom and gloom! It’s also the season of flowers and love. These song will add a little spring sweetness to your playlist!

GWSN - "Pinky Star (Run)"

The talented girls from GWSN came back with this energetic song! They are singing about running towards the person they love. The slight techno vibe makes it all the more hyped and sweet!

“I won't miss you again
I'm shinin' (It's me you know?)
No matter where you are
No matter how long
I'll run to you
My Dream, My Dream”

Their stages are also filled with flowers, watch them if you want to see them pop off (in a good way)! Plus, there’s nothing like a good girl group song to start off a sunny spring day!

Stray Kids - "MIROH"

This song is energetic in every way, shape, and form! From the upbeat tempo to the intricate dance, Stray Kids' new song "MIROH" is on the next level! Although, the music video isn't all about flowers, just look at the lyrics! 

"I'm running through the maze like a beast,
I'm avoiding all the familiar paths
Though inexperienced, it's a new challenge
Imma Bear Grylls
anything that blocks my dream I'm going to eat it up"

It even includes that great shout-out to Bear Grylls and nothing says spring like growth! It's about going through rough times and just improving! Just like the transition from a harsh winter to a fruitful spring. 

Key (ft. Soyeon) - "I Wanna Be"

Key’s back with this upbeat song about wanting to be close to a special someone! With its neon colors, it is perfect for a bright day where you just want to dance around. It's the secret for unlocking a good spring, or is it the key?

“Whenever I see you
My heart overflows and grows bigger
I’m not exaggerating, it’s the truth
I, who’s always wishing for you
Next to my shadow, I want to be the closest to you girl”

The dance is also as fast as the tempo! Key isn’t playing around. Soyeon from (G)I-dle has a fast rap which is a nice contrast to Key’s smooth vocals.

MAMAMOO - "Waggy""

There’s no official music video for this song but the girls are adorable with their onesies on their comeback stage. With a Parisian vibe, Mamamoo all shine in this song! Fresh and light, it makes you want to fall in love. Hwasa even says a little French in the beginning!

“You are the sunshine of my life
Oh, I have fallen in love.
That’s that’s that’s that’s them
That’s that’s that’s that’s them
Someone who has followed the spring wind
And has appeared right in front of me”

You might be asking why the name "Waggy?" They want their love interest to follow them around like a puppy! It’s sweeter than it sounds with more context. Anyways, this song will be on replay for this upcoming spring!

What songs are going on your list?

(Translations provided by Genius, LyricsFreak.com, and Sanderley.com)

Cover Image: Park Bom (D-Nation Entertainment)

Written by Stephanie Lemus

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